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Monday, August 22, 2016

52 Lists: Favorite Foods/Places to Eat Out

My Favorite Foods/Places to Eat Out is an easy list because . . . well, it's food!

That's actually a benefit dinner with Paula Deen,
but anywhere I get to go on a date with my husband is a new favorite!  

As far as fast food goes, this would be my first choice, and I like most of their menu.

Kentucky Fried Chicken
When we get a craving for fried chicken, we usually pick up KFC.  I also really like their mashed potato bowl.  If we're down south visiting my family, we'll usually do Zaxby's instead though, just because we don't have anything different around here.

Buffalo Wild Wings
Husband and I like to order a variety and mix and match!  Usually I like the hot/spicy foods and he doesn't, but this is the one time he likes the HOT choices, and I go for the mild and sweet ones.  Elliott and I both love the lemon-pepper wings.

I like their Fiesta Lime Chicken for some reason, and I've actually made a copycat recipe at home that is very good!

Bob Evans
While I don't love anything in particular, it's decent "comfort food" and it's one of the most family-friendly restaurants, which is important when you have lots of little ones.

Logan's Roadhouse
I love the vegetable skewers and always order that as a side.  Sometimes both sides.

Dairy Queen
For sweets, I like to grab an Oreo Blizzard.  Oh so good!

I really love cashew chicken, and it's usually my go-to when we order Chinese.  I also make a cashew-lime chicken recipe at home that's quite different, but delicious.

I'm pretty flexible with what I order, but I must have the cheese dip!

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

FlipStir Puzzle {TOS Review}

Puzzles are a lot of fun, and I think they are an excellent tool for critical thinking and logic.  Recently we were given the opportunity to review the Statue of Liberty FlipStir Puzzle from Enlivenze LLC, and I was really intrigued.

What is a FlipStir Puzzle?
FlipStir Puzzles are unique 3D puzzles.  They are full puzzles completely enclosed in the clear tube.  You just Shake.Stir.Solve.  Shake the container, stir the pieces and use the wand to guide the individual pieces to the correct spot to solve the puzzle!

The puzzles come in two different levels, and the crew has reviewed four of the five puzzles.  As far as I can tell, both levels have 10 pieces, but the primary difference between levels is that Level 1 has flat edges and Level 2 has wavy edges.  I would assume the level of detail to the pictures in Level 1 would make them easier to distinguish their order.

Level 1
Rainbow Pencils
Tyrannosaurus Rex

Level 2
Statue of Liberty
Solar System
Periodic Table {limited edition}

The puzzles are listed as appropriate for ages 7 and up.  Emory just turned 7 and had absolutely no interest in the puzzle.  Elliott is 9 and he did attempt it for a short time, but then set it aside.  He's a very smart kid, so he tends to get impatient when something isn't immediately easy for him.  He was a little surprised by the amount of dexterity and coordination required, so I suggested he let me try it first and see what it looked like completed.

It took me about 10 minutes to complete the Statue of Liberty on my first try.  That actually felt like a really long time, considering I was only working a 10 piece puzzle!  It was a lot trickier than it looks, and I admit to getting frustrated a few times.  It requires a lot of maneuvering, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skill and patience.  A few of the pieces look very similar, and you might get to the last piece and realize it's upside down!  Ask me how I know.

Final Thoughts
Maybe I should have started the kids off with a Level 1 puzzle, but I liked the challenge.  It's a really neat puzzle.  I love that it's self-contained, and unless you lose the whole puzzle, you'll never actually lose any pieces.  It's also a lot easier to set this puzzle out of the way of a curious toddler too, so even if the kids don't get it finished in one sitting, they can put it up and return to it later without nearly as much trouble as a traditional puzzle.  This is the ideal activity for car rides, waiting rooms or waiting to be seated at a restaurant.  The puzzles are relatively small, self-contained, and quiet!

These would also make fun gifts for that person who is difficult to shop for, like the grandma who has everything, or teachers, or anyone who just likes having unique conversation starters on their desk.  This is something that most people will likely look at and say ~ challenge accepted!

FlipStir Puzzles Reviews

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Monday, August 15, 2016

52 Lists: Favorite Scents

My favorite scents?  Well, this is a short list, because I am very sensitive and I get easily irritated by most scented products or strong smells.  I can't tolerate most household cleaners, detergents, air fresheners, perfumes, lotions or basically any item that is supposed to make things smell better.  I can't even walk past a store like Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle without my throat burning.

I can usuallly handle some candle scents for a short period of time . . .
  • Vanilla
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Spiced apple
  • Cupcake 
  • Sugar Cookie

Now as to things that aren't really scented, but that smell good, or are just refreshing.
  • Newborn babies!
  • freshly baked bread 
  • Hot towels straight out of the dryer
  • The ocean
  • Fresh country air

Next week's list is back to food.  I'm all in.  HAHA!

52 lists with Chasing Slow

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