Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Place to Ramble

As a mom, I always find myself wanting to tell a story.  Sometimes I want to share an adventure or fill someone in about our day.  On frustrating days I need to vent.  There are lessons learned, good or bad.  I love sharing the funny things the boys do.  I even love telling people about the things I buy my kids!  That, however, is a side-effect of my frugalista personality.  I am all about the frugal and the free, and I get a natural high from finding the best deals possible.  My intentions for this blog are not to bore you with "he went to the potty" stories, though there might be at least one of those when the youngest starts potty-training!  I also can't promise that I won't bore you.  But you take that chance, I suppose.

I guess my intent is to share the everyday ups and downs of our life.  The joys that bring a smile as a mom, the adventures we share, and yes, maybe even the frugal finds on occasion.  I may not be the most articulate blogger you come across, or the most humerous, or the most thoughtful, but perhaps I will strike a special place in your mom-memory and bring a smile to your face.

Maybe this will just be a place for me to ramble, to jot down my thoughts.  A personal journal perhaps.  I like to ramble, so be prepared!

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