Saturday, July 23, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom BOOM!

I once had the brilliant idea to do to the ever-so-popular Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree.  I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea, but Elliott liked the book so I went with it.  During our first round, my intention was to complete a Letter of the Week program.  Each week Elliott begged me to read Chicka Chicka Boom by Bill Martin and John Archambault.  I read the book, he found the current letter and glued it to his homemade tree.  Then we read books, ate snacks and played games associated with our weekly letter.  This lasted through F, at which point we went on vacation.  At some point before we resumed our weekly letters, Emory ripped Elliott's tree in half and it eventually disappeared.  I make no confessions, but I have a feeling the trash can ate it. 

Nearly a year later, Elliott had not forgotten.  The child remembers everything.  EVERYTHING.  So here we go on Letter of the Week, Round 2.  I think we made it through H the second time.  We just couldn't get into it.  He already knew his letters and their sounds, and while he liked the activities, my execution wasn't the greatest.  His primary goal was to finish the tree, preferably as quickly as possible.  I didn't mind skipping 18 weeks of this...
One of Elliott's all-time favorite books.

I finally decided that since he enjoyed making the tree more than anything, I was determined to let him finish it.  We borrowed the DVD from the library, watched it a few times, read the book several more, and he completed the tree one afternoon.  It's on the playroom/schoolroom door now.  He is proud of his homemade coconut tree, and I'm happy it's finished.  Well, except we still have to read the book.  We both have it memorized though, so now I make him "read' it to me!

The finished Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Coconut Tree!

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  1. This is a fantastic activity to do with the book! I'm going to have to try this at home with my little guy when he gets a tad bit older. Thanks for the post!