Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Power Outage = Books on my Shelf

The wind can think about whistling, and our power goes out.  I don't really know what caused it, but I knew I wasn't sitting in the house for 2-3 hours, without air-conditioning, when we hadn't even reached the hottest part of the afternoon yet.  Emory woke up, we had a bowl of fresh fruit for our afternoon snack, and we were out the door.

Our first stop was the library.   I did not have the stroller for Emory, but we somehow made it out alive without destroying the place.

We stopped at maw-maw Karen's house for Elliott to use the bathroom, and he got to play with his friend Ali.  That doll is absolutely in love with Elliott, and she was tickled to see him after several weeks.  Then we headed to the Dollar Tree, where we just got a few random things for the house and for Elliott's "school" supply that we are slowly building up.

After that, we made one last stop at goodwill.  I like to stop in there occasionally to see what kind of books and puzzles I can find for the kids.  I actually did really well today...

Richard Scarry's What Do People Do All Day? written and illustrated by Richard Scarry.  All of his books seem to have wonderful reviews, and I have seen his books in some literature-based curriculum packages for Preschool, but I don't want to spend a small fortune for preschool.  I had already picked up Busy, Busy World, so we'll use these cute little stories for regular readings...they'll make a great introduction to geography and community helpers.

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin; This looks somewhat twaddly, but all of the Diary of... books have good reviews, and it still looks cute.

The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss.  We have several Dr. Seuss books, but not this one. 

Are you My Mother? by P.D. Eastman.  I remember loving this when I was little.

The Shy Little Kitten by Cathleen Schurr.  We really like the original Golden Books, (Emory loves The Pokey Little Puppy) and this one was recommended on the Early Years Read Aloud list on the Simply Charlotte Mason website.

Space Exploration by David Glover is a basic, but colorful introduction to space.

Ralph S. Mouse and Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary.  We already have The Mouse and the Motorcycle, but we haven't read it yet.  I enjoyed her books, but I figure these will be more suited to my boys than the Romona series that I liked.

The Adventures of Reddy Fox by Thornton Burgess.  "The Adventures of..." series is recommended for Living Science Books on the Simply Charlotte Mason website.  His books seem to be popular among Charlotte Mason educators for early read-aloud material, so we are going to give him a try!

Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.  I've never read it, but I recall seeing a literature based unit study on it somewhere, so I figure I can pre-read it, but it appears to have good reviews too.

Sounder by William H. Armstrong.  A Newbery Medal winner...I remember reading this one when I was little.

Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan.  Another Newbery Medal winner that I loved!

The Preschool aged books are definitely going to be useful now, and some of the easier chapter books will make good read-aloud material now.  Elliott is getting interested in longer books, so we sometimes read during lunch or bath time.  Some of the other books will have to wait, but I want to build a good collection of children's literature.  We don't have easy access to the library in the winter--thank you country roads--so I want to have quality reading material readily available.   I want my boys to enjoy reading the same way I do.  I want them exposed to great thoughts, and to develop an appreciation and love of literature.  I think it's my job to encourage that growth, so I plan to start early!

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