Monday, August 29, 2011

Word Building: AT

Elliott is past the point of learning or reviewing letters and letter sounds, but not ready for formal reading lessons yet.  So to meet in the middle, I am starting with basic word building that I have seen described on numerous Charlotte Mason websites, blogs and support groups, based on her writings.

We started with "at" because it is a sight word that we had already worked on.  I chose 7 rhyming words to start with and printed them out on a tracing sheet from Handwriting For Kids so he could trace them if he wanted.  He did about half when I gave him the sheet.

Then we moved on to spelling them.  I would give him a hint, he would guess the correct word, then decide which letter started the word.  (I pulled only the letters we needed for the exercise, so as to cut down on 'searching' time.)  We did about half the words on the fridge the first day.  Short lessons are ideal for Elliott, because our stopping point came when Emory started bringing us the orange shapes, and Elliott wanted to help.

We reviewed and worked on new words on the personal sized chalkboard the next day. has an 'at' game in the Learn to Read section, so it was a nice reward and a fun way to end the week.

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