Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hungry Hungry Hippo Math

This game is loved in our house by both boys.  After all, it's fun and noisy!  Last week while they were playing, I realized how many different types of math opportunities there are in this simple game.

When following the directions, each player starts with 5 pieces, so I have Elliott divide them out.

Then, still following the directions, you would release the marbles one by one.  This isn't as fun for my boys however, as they like to release several (all) of them at one time for a quick-play version.  After all the marbles have been "eaten" Elliott counts out how much each hippo ate.

Then he has to order them from least to greatest to determine which hippos were hungry, hungrier, and hungriest and the winner of reach round.

The boys are happy because they get to play one of their favorite games, and I'm happy because we get a quick math lesson in!  It didn't even cross my mind when I talked about What We Didn't Do In School last week, but this certainly qualifies.

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