Monday, September 12, 2011

Impromptu Nature Study

I had the boys outside playing while my husband was doing yard work.  He was actually transplanting some plants now that the weather is cooler, so hopefully they survive!  As he finished up, he went to check out the trees we planted when we first moved in.

One seems to be thriving better than the other, though surprisingly, they are both in good shape, considering our lack of landscaping abilities.  Or perhaps, our lack of effort thus far would be a more appropriate way to state it.  Who knows, we might actually be good at it if we tried!

When he got to the first tree, he found an empty bird's nest, and took it down for the boys to see.  So far this summer we have only seen one fallen nest under the apple trees up close.  As you can see, the materials made for an excellent discussion about what birds use for their nests.

Emory examining the nest daddy found in the tree...

After seeing that nest, Elliott wanted to know if the other tree had a bird's nest in it too.  The second tree is still pretty small, so I was afraid he would be disappointed by not finding one.  Obviously I don't know much about birds.  You can see Elliott's red glove in the background pointing out his find!

A fun late summer lesson that didn't require any planning at all, that is the beauty of nature study!

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