Monday, September 26, 2011

Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont - book review

In the book Stained Glass Hearts, Patsy Clairmont touches your own heart when she compares it to stained glass windows.  She uses this comparison to explain how God's light shines through and redeems us, just as natural light beautifies a stained glass window.

Patsy Clairmont opens up her own heart, that has been broken and pieced back together by God’s grace, to show us how we can cope and recover from the times we feel depressed, hurt, angry, beat down and helpless.  It was a candid look at a person who has been there, and knows that God will walk you through even the toughest times, no matter how big or small your problem.  The author’s personality truly shines through, and I loved how she recommended art, music and poetry at the end of each chapter in an attempt to allow the reader to immerse themselves in their emotions and see God’s beauty expressed through others.  I read the entire book in one sitting, in the car, so I did not have access at the time, but I will be researching these more thoroughly to get a better understanding of why she recommended these particular works.

One of my favorite passages in the book was when Clairmont discussed the practice of reading to recovery.  She talked about reading for pure joy, for entertainment, and to fill in the gaps in your education.  This is something I wholeheartedly agree with, and I loved how she recommended that “non readers” should start at the very beginning with children’s classics in order to develop a love of reading the same way a child would; with Peter Rabbit, Winnie the Pooh, Black Beauty and other timeless favorites.  Open your mind and let loose.

While I normally read fiction, and generally steer clear of motivational and self-help type books, I really appreciated this read.  It was refreshing and gave me a lot to think about in the way I view my own problems.

In exchange for an honest review, I received a complimentary copy of Stained Glass Hearts by Patsy Clairmont through Booksneeze, a book review blogger program. 

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