Monday, September 5, 2011

What We Didn't Do In School

With Elliott being 4, almost 5, I am starting to get the "Oh, he starts school next year, doesn't he?" type of questions.  When I say our plan is to homeschool, I get sincere questions from some, and from others I just get curious looks.

Although we are only doing preschool activities right now, I feel like I need to have some accountability, mostly to prepare for future years, so I have been keeping a calendar.  I just jot down the "school" activities we do through the week.  When I got to looking at this past week, I realized we hadn't really done much "school" work.  (Not that I believe we  need it at this age, but he wants to do school, so again, I do minimal record keeping to get into the habit.)

We had an unusual week with bad napping, the beginning of the Terrible Twos, and shopping for a new car.  Not much else was accomplished.  However, I started thinking about what we had done this week, and I remind myself that his age, most activities are educational and have value beyond what we normally see.

We baked banana muffins.

The boys engineered Gotham City and a railroad track with wooden blocks, and Elliott learned that it's not easy to build a bridge uphill from the table to the couch.

They (briefly) worked together to invent new buildings with their Handy Manny building toys.

Emory pounded away on his new pound-a-peg.

We had extra reading time with daddy!

They experimented to determine how high different sized balloons blow over the air conditioner vents (and how balls and balloons move on the trampoline).

What else?

AWANA started back up, which gives a chance for scripture memorization and play time with other kids.

We had outdoor play (which includes nature study) every day, weather providing.

We appreciated different styles of music, since I play either classical music or children's folk songs throughout the day.

And one of the most exciting things...we played for hours with distant cousins at a family get-together!

So maybe we didn't practice sight words or count dry beans, but we had fun, we experimented, we learned from trial-and-error, we *gasp* socialized, and we enjoyed each other!  When I think about all the extra learning opportunities and the time we are spending together, I am so glad God has blessed us with the opportunity to keep our children home.

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