Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Wonders of the Ocean

Although we are blessed to live in a rural area of West Virginia that offers beautiful scenery and peaceful walks, we just aren't close enough to the beach to make it more than once a year.  Our kids are in such awe and amazement when they see the beautiful handiwork of God, and it brings me such joy to watch their faces light up as they walk up to the ocean for the first time each year!  The vacation to the beach is such a lovely way to have nature study, and we had a fantastic week playing and exploring.

Emory's first experience of "liking" the ocean. 

Elliott waiting for the first waves to touch his feet.

Here it comes mom!

Building and playing in the world's largest sandbox.

His expression is so intense.  I think he was watching an airplane descend.

Making his own tracks in the sand.

This is the face a mother loves to see!

Loving every second of it!

Emory found a friend next to us on the beach who showed him how to feed the birds.  My little bird enthusiast thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Emory refused to let Elliott build a sand castle!

There's buried treasures to be found!

These were the "treasures" that Elliott determined to be his most important finds...washed of sand and drying out, waiting to be put in his nature box.

One morning we took the kids to Warbird Park, since they love airplanes (their bedroom is even decorated in airplanes).

Walking the trails at Warbird Park past the runway viewing area and back around to the front.

Emory's new favorite question is "What's that?" at every strange noise.

The resort offered various activities; one of which was buying a duck (which was actually a donation to the Humane Society) to color, then racing it on the lazy river.

The finished ducks!

We had a fantastic vacation.  The kids enjoyed the ocean, playing in the sand, and swimming in the numerous pools.  We played miniature golf, laughed all the way through a mirror maze, played arcade games and raced their ducks on the lazy river.  We walked the boardwalk, observed the birds, stood amazed under the airplanes at Warbird Park, tried to do a little shopping, and brought home two new hermit crabs to join Hermie.

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  1. Oh I love this! "The world's largest sandbox" is my favorite place to play, and my husband would have a blast at the Warbird Park.