Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bob Evans Farm Festival

There are not a lot of activities that are family-friendly around us, especially for families with small children, but one thing we can find in our area, particularly in the fall, is a plethora of festivals.

The Bob Evans Farm Festival is an annual event in Rio Grande, OH.  We haven't been in several years, so when my husband's mom and sister wanted to go, we decided to cross the river and have an afternoon of fun!  Our Saturday was pretty busy (my husband and his dad finished the new walls in our kitchen, we went to a pumpkin patch, and my sister-in-law and I went to see REBA in concert!!), so we went Sunday after church.

Emory was in love with the horsies!

The boys each picked out a toy from one of the booths.  There are a lot of neat vendors to enjoy. Emory chose an airplane to go with his new fascination for airplanes.

 Elliott chose a pop gun, thanks to his aunt's encouragement.

The boys enjoyed peeking into the cabins!  These have great educational value for slightly older kids.  Mine just liked looking for fun at this age.

The day started out crisp, cool and windy.  It actually warmed up more than we expected, so the boys were able to remove their sweaters.  Luckily there was a nice breeze, which actually meant we stayed pretty comfortable most of the afternoon.  They're taking a little break here!

There were numerous children's activities, though we didn't get around to all of them.  The boys liked the "tractor ride" (which was pulled by a tractor), and I was actually shocked that Emory didn't cry when it was time to get off!

There was a hay bale maze...Elliott's coming off the exit slide.

We sent the boys with their older cousins to climb the hay bales.  I have to say, Emory was just too cute running after the big boys!

He may be little, but he's ALL BOY!!

Elliott's almost to the top!

Emory did a happy dance, proclaiming "Up High!" as he reached the top.

Time to hop down.

Emory got "stuck" between the hay bales, and camped out for awhile on his way down.

It was a fun afternoon out with the family.  There were so many great craft booths, I really wished we'd had more time to explore them, but when there are kids in tow, it's always more exciting to let them explore and have fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun filled day with lots of activities to wear out the kids:) Thanks for linking up and spreading the word about the Let's Hit the Road Field Trip hop by showing the button:)