Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Sensory Tub

Last month I made an Autumn themed sensory tub; my first experience creating one.  I enjoyed the hunt of finding things around the house and the kids enjoyed the experience.  So I decided to go ahead and do a Halloween themed one...I had the stuff set out for it, but reading a new blog post on 2 Teaching Mommies "Boo!  It's a Sensory Bin!!!" finally inspired me put it together.

**When it comes to Halloween, we let the kids enjoy the "fun" aspects, but we keep it simple**

This Halloween tub at Counting Coconuts was the first one I came across online, and I think it is very cute...I did borrow the idea of the googly eyes (I have a whole stash of those) and I knew my boys would like the creepy crawlies so I bought a bag of "Creatures" from the Halloween section the last time I was at The Dollar Tree--so I only spent $1 out of pocket for this sensory tub.  Otherwise, I tried to find things I already had that would appeal to the boys.

--1 bag of black beans (this appears to be fairly common in Halloween tubs)
--green pony beads
--chenille stems
--the "creatures" from The Dollar Tree
--two googly eyes
--2 small buckets (leftover from a Target $1 Spot purchase a few years ago)
--large black beads (I used brown ones from a broken necklace in the autumn tub, and Hulk really enjoyed them, so I cut apart the black necklace since I never wear it)
--foam words "Trick or Treat" and a foam bat from a Halloween craft kit we would have never made anyway
--green and orange pompoms
--orange scoop from pumpkin carving kit (also used last month)
--green toddler spoon
--green "tweezers" from a bug catching kit
--black scrapbook embellishment paper with holes to push the beans through
--buttons, decorative sequins and BOO stickers from a Halloween scrapbook embellishment kit (Target $1 Spot, but never got used)

It was rainy/stormy day today, so it made for a perfect surprise since we couldn't enjoy any time outdoors.

Iron Man liked beading the chenille stems and Hulk liked removing the beads.

Hulk enjoyed scooping, pouring and dumping.

Iron Man enjoyed finding and spelling out the words (yes, it took him a second to realize "treat" was backwards) and he loved the bat for some *Batman* reason.

Personally, I liked the "look" of the Autumn sensory tub better, but I think the boys enjoyed the play factor of this one more.

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  1. That is great! I had not heard of these tubs until recently. I think they are a great way to tie themes in to homeschool as well as being just plain fun. This one looks like it was really enjoyed!