Thursday, October 6, 2011

Math: Count on Two More

Elliott has been showing interest in adding, so when I came across a simple adding activity on K~5 Math Teaching Resources called Count On Two More in the Kindergarten section, I figured we would give it a try.  I just printed and laminated the game board.  For the number cards, I raided our math box for a card game called 1 2 3's which was part of a set of learning card games from the Dollar Tree.  (One of my favorite places to pick up random school/art supplies!)  We used some colorful chips from a bingo game for our counters.

We just used the numbers 1-8 (directions say to use 0-8 but our set starts at 1).  The idea of the game is to practice adding he was to draw a card, put that many counters in one circle, and in the second circle, put the total of his number, plus two.  Even though we didn't get through all of the cards, he seemed to enjoy the "game."

I knew that he understood we were adding and not just counting when he started with 3, then just put the extra two in the second circle and told me "that is 5"

This was a simple and engaging hands-on activity, and I'm glad I tried it.  This format would be an easy way to practice any type of addition.  Number bonds and working with doubles are two activities I can see working with this format.

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