Monday, October 17, 2011

Punkin' Patch

All the boys have talked about this weekend have been pumpkins, carving pumpkins, and as Emory says, the Punkin' Patch!  One of my husband's coworkers told him about a nearby farm that also had a pumpkin patch, and we knew the boys would love it, so we took a little drive to find it.  Our area doesn't offer much in the way of family-friendly entertainment, so this was a great little find!

 X marks the spot!!

 Emory found his pumpkin

Elliott found the first pumpkin he thought he wanted.

I think the ride was the best part.

Singing a song!

Making up new versions of favorite songs.

Elliott is very undecided about how to carve his pumpkin, but I will be sure to share the finished product!

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  1. Great pumpkins:) we are heading to our pumpkin patch tomorrow:) Glad to have you join in on the Field trip hop Thanks for linking up and sharing your family's adventure

  2. Fun! We are headed to our Pumpkin Patch on Monday, but rumor has it, all the pumpkins have rotted already...guess that's a down side to Halloween in Hawaii :( Thanks for linking up.