Monday, November 14, 2011

"5 Little Turkeys" Counting Book

Awhile back I came across a website called K-5 Math Teaching Resources and I found that they have many hands-on activities for reinforcing concepts, which is my goal for early math.  I don't want drill and kill; I want my kids to enjoy math.  I've already talked about one of the adding activities that Elliott really enjoyed.

They also offer a section called Counting Rhymes, but I wasn't sure if I would use them until recently.  I wouldn't do this with every rhyme, as I don't believe in monotonous busy work, but I decided we would do a little seasonal activity and make a book.  From the Counting Rhymes page, I chose 5 Little Turkeys, and printed out just the 3rd page with the sentence strips.

As I read the rhyme to him, he glued on the appropriate sentence strip, and then illustrated it.  I had a whole bag of $0.50 foam turkeys (same ones we used in our Thanksgiving sensory tub) that I was willing to share, so he used some of them to represent the turkeys in the rhyme.

A few samples of the book...

He also decided he wanted to use his brother's tot school number puzzle as a stencil, hence the triangular 4, though I think he would have written the numbers better freehand.  Well, I don't know.  The "1" for the one turkey left under the midday sun was freehand.  ha!

He chose red construction paper for the cover and stapled it all together.  I promise he can write his name legibly, but he was so excited to finish and read the book to daddy that he scribbled it as fast as he could.

The best part about this was that he quickly memorized the rhyme, so he could "read" his book to his little brother and daddy!

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