Saturday, November 12, 2011

Building the Mayflower

I started our Thanksgiving readings with a book called Off to Plymouth Rock by Dandi Dailey Mackell.  I bought the book sight unseen for $0.99 from a book discount store online.  I'm not sure I would classify it completely as a living book, but at the same time it held the boys' interest and served its purpose of a basic introduction to the story of Thanksgiving.

Emory seemed to like the rhyming poem, and perhaps the characture-type illustrations.

Elliott seemed very interested in the ship and sails...because we had just built our own Mayflower!

He has been very interested in "building" lately, and I think woodwork would be a great handicraft for him to learn.  (You can read more about handicrafts at Ambleside Online and Simply Charlotte Mason)  However, I don't think he is quite ready for woodworking yet until he has better patience and attentiveness.

Then I found these little kits at AC Moore in the $1 section called WoodShop Real Wood Activities.  I picked up three; a helicopter, fighter jet and pirate ship.  All three are labeled ages 5+ and only require the use of the included wood glue.  I thought this would be an easy way to feel like he is building and have the accomplishment of a finished product to display.  I've been holding them back for this winter, since our outdoor time will soon be very limited.

But wouldn't you know, the pirate ship could pass as the Mayflower to a 4 year old.

Overall, he enjoyed "building" the ship, and he happily told daddy all about it upon his arrival home from work.  However, mom felt like gluing the fiber sheet sails (similar material to dryer sheets) to tiny pieces of wood was a bit difficult for the dexterity of a 5 year old, as the drying time was extremely long and it took a long time to even "stick" before drying could begin.  He couldn't master the folds in the sails either, but he was happy with how it turned out.  The other problem is that we were also missing a piece.  I was able to help him work around that though, and he finished his project as best he could.

Proudly showing off his ship before I finished off some of the smaller details with 
the sails and the string.

My only hope is that the other two kits do not present as many problems, and are more suitable for the age group for which they are intended.

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  1. The ship looks great! What a super lesson. Thanks for sharing.
    Marcia :)