Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dinosaur Table

Emory is really interested in dinosaurs right now, so when I saw this cute dinosaur playscape at What's Fun Today? I knew we had to make our own dinosaur table.

I had some brown packing paper from a recent online order that I'd kept for coloring or whatever project came up.  It somehow ended up very crumpled and torn, but since we're using it for dinosaur stomping ground, I didn't think they would care.  I just laid it over the train table cover and taped it to the underside of the cover to keep it from sliding around too much.

The crumpled look kind of gives it a dry, barren look, and Elliott decided there wasn't enough water for the green grass and trees to grow, which is why the leaves are all falling off the trees.

dinosaur table

I also added a cardboard divider out of another box for a tunnel/cave; whatever they wanted it to be.  Elliott's dinosaurs frequently hid in the cave while they were waiting for new "green food" to grow.

dinosaur table

The tree is part of a safari landscape set that works well for different types of animal and dinosaur play.  It also includes the watering hole, a large rock-ledge, and two smaller rocks.

Emory's dinosaurs were constantly thirsty and drinking all the water!

dinosaur table

dinosaur table

Apparently the dinosaurs had some Disney visitors!

dinosaur table

This is such a quick and easy play idea, and allows for a lot of creative and imaginative play. 

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  1. This is a great idea! Looks like it would be a lot of fun!