Thursday, November 10, 2011

Handprint Turkey Time

I'm not big on crafts.  I'll admit that up front.  However, I also believe in letting kids have fun, and I think every kid should have the chance to make handprint turkeys!

Inspiration:  This post on Meet the Dubiens

I had this particular turkey in mind already, but I did let Elliott look over some images of handprint turkeys to let him decide what he wanted to do.  He picked this one too.  Would you believe that after we decided on one with construction paper, I realized I didn't have any brown.  He wanted to know why I had to use it all on his Chicka Chicka Boom Boom coconut tree.  That was back in early summer.  That's how infrequently we do crafts. 

So I raided my scrapbook stash, and found some suitable paper.  He got to pick out the colors for the feathers, and the size of googly eyes, because you know, the size of googly eyes is very important.

On that note, we also had a discussion on the way home from church about how he could glue googly eyes on the back of his head so HE could have eyes in the back of his head for when he walked backwards down the stairs.  He wanted to know how he was going to sleep, and promptly decided he would have to sleep on his side so as not to crush his eyes.

Anyway, the most important question of the day was why I couldn't leave his hand red after we finished the turkey so he could be like Spiderman!

I was going to do an easier, one-hand-print version for Emory (the one where you paint the palm and thumb brown and the other fingers various fall colors) but he was having nothing to do with the paint on his hands.  I believe his exact words were "WASH HANDS WASH HANDS WASH HANDS!"  Oh well.

Either way, daddy asked for me to frame Elliott's picture so he could display his artwork in his office.

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