Monday, November 7, 2011


Look who likes the new hiding log?  During the exploration, I was even able to entice Pops out for a few friendly waves.

Pops is our friendliest and most active hermit crab, and I have a feeling, the cause behind the dirty smudges on the aquarium.  Pops was named by Emory, who would just point and shout "POP" every time he saw him walking around, so the name Pops seemed to stick.

We've had hermit crabs for just over a year now.  Hermie came home with us last year, and the oh-so original name came from Elliott, who was 3 1/2 at the time.  Hermie is currently buried and not available for pictures.  He has always been fairly active, is the only shell shopper of the group, and though he has "hidden" in corners for long periods of time, this is the first time he has completely buried himself; hopefully he is only molting.

Pops and Jango came home with us on our most recent vacation to the beach this year.

Jango is the smallest, and is the exact opposite of Pops.  Elliott named Jango--I think it was perhaps some combination of the song B-I-N-G-O and the game Jenga, which were both popular during our vacation.  Jango startles very easily.  You see the shell in the middle, with the little purple claw?  That's about the only view we ever get of Jango, as he withdraws at the slightest movement anywhere in the room.

One thing I've noticed about Jango is that he frequently sits his shell inside the opening of larger shells to sleep.  So that would be the other view we get of Jango.  I may never get a good candid shot of Jango.

(I know the crabs will never change into the painted shells, but Elliott really liked them, so I indulge him by putting them in there occasionally)

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