Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Timeline

Thanksgiving Timeline
When Iron Man and I read The Story of the Pilgrims by Katherine Ross from our Thanksgiving Book Basket, I decided to to go ahead and use this Thanksgiving Timeline from 2 Teaching Mommies.

Personally, I was afraid a couple of the pictures might be a little ambiguous (maybe because they were intended for another book), but I gently pointed along the pictures as we read through the story.  Then we cut it apart and I mixed the cards up so he could retell the story to me.  He did very well.  In fact, I was surprised at how much he could narrate back to me.

When we were preparing to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, he started retelling the story to me again.  Normally when I ask him to tell me about what we've just read, he "doesn't remember" or tells me that "it's a secret" so I was very pleased at his recall hours later.  I know without a doubt that he has excellent memory, at least long-term anyway, so I was more pleased with his attention and narration.

Here are a few other Thanksgiving activities we've enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

Iron Man really enjoyed Building the Mayflower.

We've been reading a few great books from our Thanksgiving Book Basket.

 Hulk particularly loved the Thanksgiving Sensory Tub.

This Clothespin Turkey Feather Activity was oh-so-cute to me, but wasn't a huge hit with the boys.  Maybe next year Hulk will be more interested in it, and Hulk won't be as interested in using the feathers to dress up like Puss-in-Boots.

Hulk wanted nothing to do with painting his hands, but Iron Man really enjoyed making a Handprint Turkey.

Iron Man made a 5 Little Turkeys Counting Book, and loved being able to "read" his homemade book to Emory and daddy.

Hulk colored a turkey in Tot School

and Iron Man halfway did some artwork when we visited a local co-op to meet other homeschoolers and inquire out about joining.

We enjoyed "fun" turkey activities, but I'm glad Iron Man was able to learn a little about the history of Thanksgiving, and what it means to our family today.

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  1. aren't they awesome when it comes to narration?! it's a surprising thing, because it seems hard, but if they start out doing it and are encouraged it comes somewhat naturally for most!



    amy in peru