Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Tree Symmetry

While making a game for my 2 year old, I realized that a Christmas tree would be the perfect way to introduce symmetry to Elliott, 5.  I made him a tree, and I folded it in half so that he could easily identify the middle by the crease.  I then cut out 2 sets of "ornaments" from scrapbook paper, about the size of a quarter.

Of course it was late at night when I put this together, and I realized after the fact that I put his tree together backwards and he was working on the "back" with the stray pen marks. Oh well, right?

I had hardly starting explaining symmetry when he set to work.  We had discussed the term similar before, and I think he was basing this activity off of those discussions, because the words similar and symmetry sound alike.

This was his first attempt, and other than his arm knocking the ornaments around as he decided where to place the next ornament, I think he did good for the first try.  I asked him if he wanted to glue them on so we could fold the tree in half and see how the pieces matched up, but he said no.  I think he wanted the option to work it again later.

(I was inspired to make this symmetry tree after I made this Ornament Matching game for my 2 year old)

We will also be exploring symmetry with the classic coffee filter snowflakes soon!  I know he will love that one!


  1. Looks great! Reminds me of what we did last year with Easter eggs. ;) Thanks for posting at Math Monday Blog Hop!
    Cindy @ love2learn2day

  2. What a fun way to learn about symmetry.
    Marcia :)

  3. I love this idea! Wish I'd seen it when I was planning my Christmas trees theme.

  4. Great idea...simple and cute! I love crafts that incorporate math concepts! I did something similar with my preschooler's leaf craft this fall.


  5. This is a great idea for teaching symmetry. A nice decoration too!

  6. What a fun idea! I think we might add this to our week next week. Please come by and link up at Little Mathematicians at : I know a few other moms from our home learners group who would love this idea. Thanks for sharing.

    Mommy Cameron

  7. What a fun idea to teach symmetry & have holiday fun!! LOVE it! Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Merry Christmas,
    Beth =-)

  8. What a wonderful way to work on symmetry!

    I hope you will link this post to my Christmas Traditions Link Up in the Other category. It starts tomorrow!

  9. Thanks for linking up at Little Mathematicians. I can't wait to try some of your activities next week!
    Mommy Cameron | Raising the Cameron Clan