Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Elf Says Farewell and Merry Christmas!

Nick has been rather quiet lately, but I suppose the last few days before Christmas he needed to cause some giggles in the house.

On Friday morning we found he had invaded the candy stash!  He used a mini paint palette to make himself a dish of sweets...chocolate sprinkles, red and green M&M's, marshmallows, and a lick-a-stick packet!  Not only did he make a mess, he ate so much he was all sprawled out with a bellyache!

I happened to hear someone stirring around tonight and found Nick returning from the North Pole for his last night with us.  In the morning, the boys will find Nick with a special treat.  He has some little Santa suckers, as well as a new pair of winter pajamas for each of them, which is a Christmas Eve tradition in our house.

Iron Man will be receiving Spiderman pajamas, and Hulk's have a cute little guy that looks like the 'abominable snowman' from Rudolph that he loves so dearly.

Nick returns to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, and he won't be back until next Christmas season, so from Nick and our family, we hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and enjoys the holiday season with their families and loved ones!

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