Wednesday, December 14, 2011

G.I. Nick goes to School

Here's an update on what Nick has been up to the last few days!

One morning we found him watching the clock, and he brought the boys some candy canes!

The next day he sat atop a bookshelf in the living room, peeking down at the kid's play area, but I forgot to snap a picture of him!

I think Hulk finally understands that he can't touch Nick, because every morning when they find him, he reminds me "Don't Touch Nick!"  Nick must have been more comfortable after that, so he found a spot a little closer to the ground the next morning...and he found some yummy treats!  He took up a spot protecting the gingerbread houses that the boys made with daddy!

Then he must have been bored one night, because we found him playing with G.I. Joe!

This morning when we found Nick, he had gotten into some of the boys school toys!

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