Saturday, December 10, 2011

Handprint Angel Ornament

My 2 year old has not been particularly fond of letting me do anything with his hands.  He refused to let me paint his hand for a Handprint Turkey with his brother, and he has never let me trace his hand either.  I don't push, though.  I'm not a messy, crafty person, so he's just getting used to being exposed to free paint on a regular basis.

While big brother was working on the Handprint Santa he had requested, Emory had requested blue paint for the second time this week, (He had also requested blue when he refused to do the red Marble Painted Candy Canes) but I think he was intrigued by watching his brother have his hand painted.

I noticed that he was painting his own hands with his paint brush, so I quickly grabbed some blank paper and smacked those pudgy little hands down as fast as I could!  There's just something that melts this Mom's Heart when she sees her kiddo's handprints!

He actually loved seeing his handprints too!  I was looking at them, wondering what I could do with them, and I realized they kind of looked like wings!  I'm not artistic, so I didn't want to draw on the paper.  He had already painted another piece of paper blue, so I used it to cut out an angel (leaving off the wings) and I glued it between the handprints.

While I was looking for ribbon to make the halo, my 5 year old took it upon himself to add the face!  (Of course, he also decided it looks like a ghost...)

We cut it out and glued the ribbon onto the back for a halo and also so he could hang it on his tree.  Nothing fancy by any means, but the boys love putting their own special ornaments on their own Christmas tree, and Emory is very proud of his handprint angel ornament.

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