Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nick the Elf has come for a visit!

I wasn't sure about the Elf on the Shelf.  My husband brought him home.  I knew I would be the one responsible for keeping up with Nick's nightly journey, and you know...that's a lot of work, keeping up with those magical elves!

Iron Man named him Nick, since the book said he was sent by Saint Nick.

At first he made a few generic appearances, and was literally just sitting on a shelf in different rooms of the house.  Then it became more and more apparent that Iron Man is borderline in his belief of Nick's magic, and was mostly interested in finding him each morning.

Since then, Nick has been getting more adventurous...dangling from the top of the highest curtains, sliding almost all the way down into a decorative vase high up in our kitchen, so we could only see his little head and hands, and even hanging out in the bathroom by himself all day after the boys had a particularly messy bath the night before--just to make sure they didn't splash too much that night!!

Yesterday we found him in our Christmas tree.  (Which was not the greatest idea, because the boys thought it would be funny to knock him down by throwing things at him, so they didn't have to touch him.)

This morning we found him in our play/school room, hiding out in some of the craft supplies!  Iron Man likes to get those scissors out without permission, and he told me today "I climb that white bookshelf sometimes, but I can't today!!"

Apparently Nick is going to have to step it up a bit, to keep Iron Man intrigued, so stay tuned for more Elf adventures!

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