Tuesday, December 20, 2011

North Pole Elf Hospital

So we thought Nick was getting more comfortable in the house, and was starting to sit lower down than usual.  Apparently, it wasn't the best idea.  I didn't even get a picture of Nick sitting on the bookshelf reading a book about Animals...during Hulk's I'm not taking a nap episode, I found out he was able to reach Nick's shelf!

Well, that sent Iron Man into a fit of questions about what would happen to Nick.

It turns out that when a kid touches an elf, Santa keeps them at the North Pole for a whole day to rest and recover.
(Apparently this has happened to Sparky Sparkles, which is how I knew Nick would survive.)

We found a letter on our fridge the next morning from Santa!  I didn't get a picture of Santa's letter either, since the kids carried it around "reading" it all day and lost it, but basically it said that because Nick had been touched, he was losing his Christmas Magic.  Santa told us he was going to keep Nick for the day in the North Pole Elf Hospital and give him a shot of Christmas Magic.

I was reminded that Nick would probably be bandaged up after a visit in the hospital, and sure enough...you can see his little elf band-aid where he had his shot of Christmas Magic!

He must have still been tired, because he took a pillow Iron Man had made in Bible school and a dish towel (the boys love when Nick makes use of random things) and made himself a little "bed" in the playroom so he could still rest while watching the kids!

That same night the boys made cookies, so when Nick returned after his visit to Santa, he helped himself to a cookie.  Just like a kid...he must be feeling better after all!  ;-)

This morning we found Nick coloring in the Rudolph coloring book with some tiny Elf crayons!

I have to say, I'm glad Christmas is almost here, because mom is having a hard time staying one step ahead of that little Elf!!

**I have it on good authority from the Elf himself, that Christmas Eve morning he is bringing one last surprise for the boys.  One of our little traditions is that our boys get a new pair of winter pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Nick can't tell the boys of course, but since he can talk to adults, he whispered in my ear that he's bringing the new pair of PJ's this year!

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  1. How cute! Great minds think alike (:

  2. Lol! This is such a cute tradition! I love how creative you've been with him. :)

  3. Thanks Jenny! Nick and I have had to get creative to keep my 5 year old convinced of Nick's Christmas magic...but I'm not sure how much more mischief Nick can come up with! haha!

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