Friday, December 9, 2011

Parties and Elf Adventures

So Nick the Elf hadn't been too magically convincing to Iron Man, and I mentioned in Nick the Elf comes for a Visit that he'd apparently been keeping it too simple.  I'm afraid Iron Man is just too logical for his own good.  I know he likes the "hunt" every morning, but Nick and I had a little discussion, and I think he decided getting mischievous was the answer, since he had been rather boring the first several nights.

He found a roll of red crepe streamers and he trashed the boys' room!

Of course, Nick didn't expect Hulk to wake up at 2:15 and need escorting back to his room, but luckily he was sleepy enough that when he asked "What's that?" my  answer of "Nothing, let's go back to sleep" worked!

The first thing I heard from Iron Man in the morning was "Huh?  What happened to my room??"  I could hear him following the streamers "They're on my fan, in my curtains...ON NICK!!"

That mischievous little Elf forgot to hide the evidence!  Iron Man decided that Nick must have been having an Elf Party and got caught in the act!

The next day we found him on the mantle sitting in a rocker, feet propped up and petting a bear.  Iron Man said Nick was too big for the chair, and that the bear just couldn't be his pet!  I think he was just tired from making a mess...and having to clean it up!

This morning we found Nick in the play/school room, and he left a little message!

I noticed Nick writes really big and messy, with the opposite hand as me...he must be learning to write!  Because that would also be the type of thing my 5 year old notices!  :)

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