Thursday, December 15, 2011

Peg Games

Everyone is familiar with the triangle shaped 'brain teaser' peg games, right?  Well my father-in-law has one that he keeps in their living room, and let me just tell you, my 2 year old is absolutely in love with that thing!  Anything of his pawpaw's is a huge hit with him, but that peg game keeps him occupied for up to half an hour sometimes.

So when I saw this cute little Christmas Peg game popping up on blogs, I WANTED ONE for my little boy!  It was apparently from the Dollar Tree, but I hadn't seen it at my local store.

Ok, so obviously I finally found it, and I was so happy.

Emory says "My Chrickus tree?"

Yes, Emory, it's all yours!  He obviously doesn't understand the concept of the game itself, but he loves putting Gingy and Frosty in the peg holes, then taking them out and starting over.  It's great for counting (gingerbread men, snowman, more or less of each as you put them in, etc), discussing in and out, and of course fine motor skills.

Not to leave big brother out, Elliott received his own peg game too!

(Sorry about the glare!  It's nearly impossible to photograph anything from Elliott's seat; at least for an amateur like me.)

You are supposed to roll both dice, add the numbers together and move your peg that many spaces, but the game is already quick enough with just one die, so we played several rounds that way.  It was a great way to sneak in a little addition practice, because instead of just counting the correct number of spaces, I first asked him to add the number where his peg was sitting to the number he rolled, and then once he gave me the correct answer, he could move his peg.  I also did this for him on my turn, so he could hear me working math facts out loud "I am on 2, and I rolled a 3, so 2+3=5."

Even though these games are seasonal, I happened to find a "regular" version of the traditional peg game and a Football version of Elliott's game in the toy section.

I'm always on the lookout for hands-on math activities and games and I am considering implementing our own version of the workbox system, so these inexpensive little peg games seem like they would be fun little workbox activities!

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