Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spiderman's 5th Birthday

Say hello to the birthday boy!

We just recently celebrated Elliott's 5th birthday!  At some point my little boy grew up and became obsessed with super heroes.  He was even Batman for Halloween, and he asked his brother to be Robin.

I found Spiderman party supplies on clearance at Target a few months ago, so I knew it would be an easy theme, and when my husband found a party store out of town on business, he grabbed a few fun extras like these balloons. 

We grabbed red paper products from Dollar Tree, and I also found a pack of Spiderman silly bands for $1 that I spread out on the tables.  The younger kids enjoyed identifying the shapes (spiders, Spiderman's face, Spiderman shooting his web), and stretching them as far as they could.

Its hard to plan a December birthday.  We don't really invite guests outside the family, unless he specifically requests a particular friend, but we still have a large family, and its still too many people for our house.  Plus, it always seems to snow on the day of his party, and we live so far out that it makes it difficult for guests to get to us in bad weather.  So we opted to have the party outside of the house.  Our church is pretty nice about letting families use the fellowship hall, so we had it there.

Of course, the one activity I had planned was silly string for "webs" but that had to go into the goodie bags when the party moved from our house to the church.  :)

I didn't plan any other games...I didn't need to apparently.  The kids found the hula hoops, and they invented their own games. 

We kept the food simple....pizza, chips and soda.  Ice cream and cake.  Normally my husband makes the cakes, but he was out of town until the night before the party, and well...I'm no Betty Crocker.  So we ordered a Spiderman Sneak Attack cake.  It was a HUGE hit with the little people!

We are blessed with wonderful family, and he had a fantastic afternoon!  Here he is enjoying his new Spiderman mask from his great aunt and uncle!

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