Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Tot School that was Barely There

Not much has gone on in our house this week!  It's been fairly light on the activities since we're enjoying the Christmas season.  Elliott has had play practice and a dentist appointment, it was my last week of classes for the quarter, and there are so many "little things" that need to be completed!  Emory goes along for the ride no matter what we do (including a crazed trip to the mall 1 week before Christmas) but here are a few pictures I managed to capture.

Emory is 28 months old

In the Kitchen
Emory spent one evening with daddy and brother making pepperoni rolls and a gingerbread house.

Check out The One Where Daddy Cooks Dinner to see his finished gingerbread house!

Matching and Pasting
Working on his Task Sheet for our Christmas Scavenger Hunt.  (More to come soon!)

Games and Fine Motor Skills
Playing his new Peg Game that I was so excited to find, because I knew he would love it!

Thanks to the other tot mommies that featured this cute peg game and had me on the lookout!

He found a Rudolph coloring book that big brother had never even opened, and wanted to scribble color the abominable snowman!

Building and more Motor Skills
An early riser playing Lincoln Logs with his brother.

A little more free play with blocks.  I always find it interesting to watch the process!

5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!
This picture of Emory with his big brother was chosen for my Moments to Remember post this week too!

Favorite Books
This is the first time in a few months that I can honestly say we haven't read Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown AT ALL.  We actually didn't have any major rereads either.  We've been reading so many fun Christmas books that all of our usual favorites are being put to the side temporarily.  I must say, it's certainly nice for mommy to have some fresh stories!  :)

Tot School


  1. Love his block creation. Liam got a kick out of the abominable snow monster too. He wanted to watch Rudolph twice to see him.

  2. It looks like you guys are having great fun and keeping busy!

  3. Awesome your husband lets the kids help him cook! Looks like you had a fun week.

  4. Sometimes the 'barely there' weeks are the best!! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season!