Monday, January 2, 2012

First snow of 2012

My 5 year old was slightly upset that we did not have a white Christmas.  He understands the real meaning of the holiday, but he went on hoping for snow on New Year's Day.  It didn't come, but when we woke up on the 2nd, there were a few snowflakes starting to stick to the porch.  He was already planning his day.  Hubby checked the weather report, and it wasn't supposed to be more than a dusting.  As usual, though, the weather proved the weather report wrong, and even though our first snowfall was only a few inches, it was significant enough to make my boys happy!

Our new dog Bailey is now 5 months old, and she LOVED her first snow!

Emory enjoyed making tracks in the snow.

Elliott spent most of his time playing fetch with daddy and Bailey, but the swing set is so attractive when it's dusted in snow!

Emory stuck close to me and mostly walked around.  He did take a quick romp on the swing set too.

On a side note, my kids do own gloves and mittens.  Don't ask me why they aren't wearing them, because I'm not really sure what happened after I set them out.  We were only outside for a few minutes before I realized they weren't wearing gloves, at which point I upset the 5 year old by marching them inside, but he settled for some hot chocolate and doing some puzzles!


  1. Thanks for your comment :) I love the picture of my Boogie smelling the peppermint too. He cracks me up :) I hope you find your Little People Nativity before next Christmas! And hope your holidays were wonderful!

  2. It looks like your kids and puppy were having a blast. I think Liam would too, unfortunately it doesn't snow where we live.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Beautiful pictures. Glad to see that my kids aren't the only ones that don't seem affected by the cold. I don't know what happenes to my kids gloves either.

    Veronica @

  4. Now that looks like fun! Would love to play in snow like that :-)