Sunday, January 15, 2012

Our Snowy Day

We finally had another snowy day.  Our first snow of the season was decent, but we just played outside and enjoyed it without any agenda, and it was wonderful!

There wasn't much accumulation this time, but it sure was windy and cold.  The windchill factor brought it down to single digits, which was just too cold to go outside for such a little snow.  So Elliott and I decided the blustery day made it perfect for cuddling up inside, reading The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats and doing a few snowy activities to go along with our winter theme for January.

Snowflake Matching
I listed this in the winter theme post, but this was the first time we did it.  Simply matching the snowflakes was quick and a way too easy for Elliott.  Memory would have been a better option for him.

Snowy Art
We did the classic coffee filter snowflake.  He loved opening it up to find that cutting a few triangles (the easiest for him to cut) would turn it into a snowflake!

He then drew a picture...

...of a snowman family having a snowball fight!

Snowy Play-Doh
I used the same homemade play-doh recipe that I used at Christmas, only this time I did not add food coloring.  Elliott added almost the whole bottle of silver glitter, but it gave it a nice wintery look.

I set out a wide variety of accessories, cookie cutters, letter molds and random stuff (buttons, beads, googly eyes, etc) that he could use.

The new penguins from our icy sensory tub have gotten a lot of use so far.  He wasn't interested in making prints like I suggested, but he did enjoy burying and rescuing the penguins again!

However, he mostly enjoyed making snowmen with all the "junk" I set out.

This was the snowman after he melted.

Nothing spectacular; I'm no lunch artist, that's for sure.  We had PB&J snowman sandwiches.  Chocolate chips for the coal eyes, half a baby carrot nose, and a blueberry smile.  We had more carrots with ranch for dipping, and of course more blueberries.  Then a few mini marshmallows to represent snowflakes...gotta get rid of those marshmallows!

The kids enjoyed it, ate everything and asked for more!

The Snowy Day movie
After quiet time, the kids watched The Ezra Jack Keats Collection put out by Scholastic, which includes The Snowy Day and several other stories.  A quiet way to end a fun morning!

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  1. What a fun snow day! I love all your activities and lunch is so cute! Glad you shared at AfterSchool.
    Little Wonders' Days

  2. That's a great book! And I love his snowman family drawing!

  3. I love it all! Especially your snowman lunch! So fun!

  4. What a day! I love everything you did! That is JDaniel's newest saying!

  5. Cool, I love your ideas! I might use some of them in my classroom. Love this book. Thanks for commenting on Cachey Mama's Classroom!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  6. Love your snowy day activities. (Those snowmen are adorable, both the playdough and the lunch) I tried to do the book The Snowy Day a couple of weeks ago. Monday was nice and snowy. Then it melted away. Now it is back, but I have other plans for this week. Hoping it hangs around and doesn't melt this time.
    I just found your blog through a blog hop I believe. I am now following you.
    Hope you can stop by Tots and Me

  7. what an awesome day! i'll have to try your playdoh recipe! thx for stopping by!

  8. This is an awesome theme day. It looked like you got everything in. Snow Day is a great book even though my California girl is yet to see her first snow. Thanks for joining Afterschool!

  9. Cute! Here is another meme you should check out: You tell her that I send you if you want.

  10. What a beautiful day. I loved his drawing of the snow men and the snow man play dough with googly eyes and buttons -- awesome. Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  11. I love the snowman and how creative your son is! Thanks for linking. :)