Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tot School and the Tot Needs a Haircut!

Emory is 29 months old.

Emory asked for blue paint, but when he saw Elliott mixing paint colors for his Freedom Summer (MLK) art project, he wanted to do it too.  I gave him the choice between red and yellow because that's what we had out, and he picked red.

 He experimented on the paper and on his body with the new color purple.

His finished product...

Then he wanted to paint "snow" so I gave him blue paper and white paint.

iPad Learning
The iPad has been quiet lately, but Emory asked to play it, and he enjoyed brother's help too.

This picture here was actually the focus of my Moments to Remember post.  I love seeing these special moments between my boys!

These blocks are very popular, and when they are out and accessible, they are played with frequently.

We also love Lincoln Logs in our house!

Shapes and Colors
Emory is really interested in discussing colors and shapes right now, so I threw together a bunch of junk created a quick Shapes and Colors sensory tub to keep the boys busy one afternoon.

Emory really liked the foam crayon puzzle pieces that were included in our sensory tub, so I got out the second puzzle so he could pair up the colors.  He wasn't interested in that.  He just wanted to put them in the puzzle board again.

I also did an impromptu Polar Bear Math activity with older brother that involved the teddy bear counters, so of course he wanted his turn.  I gave him the Lego cups in matching colors and had him sort by color.

He tried to do these pattern block printables from Confessions of a Homeschooler, but I think it would have been more effective if the boys had let me laminate them and cut them into strips first.  They were excited to try them, so I just put them in a page protector, but Emory kept getting distracted by the multiple patterns.  I have since laminated them, and will see how he does with one strip at a time.

More Play-Doh
This is another activity we do at least weekly.  I just rotate accessories and they will play for at least an hour. Emory just started playing with play-doh when I started making it homemade.  I think he likes the pliability of it better.

Throwing cookies at Cookie Monster!

He's making monster hair right here.

Sensory Play
This was our original Winter Sensory Tub....

...but the boys were having so much fun playing with their Penguin and Arctic Toobs that had been set out for play, that I took everything but the clear flat marbles, beads and white pompoms out and I added the cotton balls that we used in our penguin grid game during our winter theme day.  They then had an icy/snowy area for their animals to play.  They even added some rocks for the penguins to dive was a lot of fun!

Play Time
Emory received this Animal Planet's Big Tub of Dinosaurs for Christmas from his grandparents, and it has been a big hit!  Elliott helped him set this up, and they even added some Dinosaur Train characters (the tiny neon dinosaurs in the water) so they could have as many dinosaurs as possible!

I'm not quite sure what they were doing here, but it had been so quiet for so long, I had to check on them.  You can't go wrong a laundry basket!

From the static in the above picture, and the fact that his hair is waving too, I think it's way past time for a haircut!  The boys HATES his haircuts though, so we always put them off.

Yummy Snacks
This polar bear dessert was quickly thrown together after our Polar Bear Math activity.  The boys have really enjoyed their "themed" treats lately, so I really need to try it more frequently.  I've noticed they eat their lunch better when I attempt to get creative.

Favorite Books
We had the good fortune of being passed down over 100 books from some older cousins, and we are so thankful!  This stack here has definitely been the favorite of both boys so far...

He loves to point out SALLY every time he sees her!

He has always LOVED our board book version of this one, but it was abridged, so when he got the full version he found some of the illustrations absolutely hilarious.  It was definitely a fun read with lots of giggling!

Tot School


  1. Lots of fun activities and learning going on at your place this week!

    I did something similar to your color mixing with Liam this week, but we used food coloring. He loved it when the colors turned purple.

    Your little dinosaur world is awesome!

    1. There is something magical about color mixing and watching something change right before your eyes!

  2. My daughter LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Toca doctor game. She loves all of their games actually. We have quite a few on our iPad.

    Popping in from Tot School.

  3. Wow, that's a lot of fun activities! I think we have some of the same wooden lacing beads. My son plays with them all the time. I was surprised with how big of a hit they were. And I absolutely LOVE your little polar bear snack. How cute! And all of your sensory activities look great. What a busy week!

  4. My kids love Toca Doctor too! I love your winter sensory bin.