Friday, January 27, 2012

Vowel Hunt and Walrus Blubber

I am not a planner as you know, and I never have my camera when we do our sporadic learning, but I did manage to grab a few pictures here and there this week.

Vowel Scavenger Hunt
We did a quick vowel review.  I like to do reviews occasionally for fluency, and also for a confidence booster when we're preparing to work on new materials.

I started by setting out two puzzles, one each of capital and lower case letters, and asked him to pull out the vowels.

I didn't realize until we were in the middle of the activity that the lowercase letters were actually bigger than the capital letters, but he didn't seem too bothered by that.

Then I asked him to find an item that started with the (short) vowel sound.  This was the 'scavenger hunt' part that made the activity exciting for him.  It was also interesting to see how his mind worked!  He came back with an astronaut, egg, igloo, octagon, and after he couldn't find an uncle and I vetoed underwear, he drew an unhappy face!  Interesting and creative!

Walruses and Blubber
We read part of the February Issue of Big Backyard Magazine and learned several neat facts about walruses.

One thing we talked about was how walruses have a layer of fat called blubber that keep them warm, so I decided to try the ever-so-popular blubber/ice water activity.

I made a "glove" out of the ziplock bags, with the lard between the bags.

I let the boys put one hand in the ice water to feel how cold it was against their skin.

Then Elliott put his hand in the blubber bag and could tell that it was not nearly as cold.  He understood the concept, but both boys were more interested in playing with the ice.  I should have known, after how popular our penguin icy sensory tub was--they've been asking for a repeat!

Word Building
We did some Literacy Activities with Conversation Hearts.  I had two games, and I thought he would like the Word Building, since he LOVED our last word building activity, Word Family Snowflakes, but he mostly just tolerated it for me.  However, he seemed to like the Matching game better.

Valentine's Day Sensory Tub
He enjoyed playing with the Valentine's Sensory Tub with his little brother and gave me several treats in those little treat boxes!

Building with Handy Manny
I like this set, because it's versatile and encourages his imagination.

Elliott had co-op this week, and although he said he lost his papers, he also said he didn't color them.  Surprise, surprise.  The kid never colors anything.  However, that means I need to remember to send his backpack, so he will remember to bring his papers home.  His craft did come home with him, though...they learned about Jonah and the Whale, and made this cute little paper bag whale!

We also did some art appreciation and artistic expression of our own at home with I Spy Colors:  Crayon Melting.

Reading with Daddy

Just Because...

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  1. That is a fun activity (the blubber and ice)! I have a reluctant colorer too, my younger son. Like pulling teeth to get him to color!

  2. I so hear you about the planning aspect when it comes to photographing learning experiences. Hard to decided because I hate the idea of contriving all of our the post - esp. the reading with daddy bit, that is Aodhan's one true opportunity every night to connect with his dad (who works all day) - love to see other kidlets doing it too!

  3. Great vowel activity! Always trying to find and/or come up with ideas for my son!

  4. You guys did a lot of fun stuff! He was really creative with his vowel scavenger hunt!

  5. Cool hands on lard experiment. Never would of thought of that.


  6. Great post, Brittney! I love the vowel scavenger hunt! It is always so fun to see what their sweet, creative minds come up with! I also love the Daddy reading time, a favorite in my house too!

  7. What a great week of fun & learning!!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Sharing Saturday.


  8. Thanks for linking up to Afterschool. I loved the blubber experiment. My daughter is also not a colorer even though she got more diligent at it now when she is in K. I think coloring is overrated anyway - free drawing like that unhappy face is much better for children creativity.

    1. I drawing is much more interesting and allows for much more creative expression!! I think that's why he enjoys it more.

  9. I'm going to have to shamelessly copy this experiment. And how often do you get to put "walrus blubber" in a post title?! Awesome.

  10. What a great week. I love the blubber activity! Thanks for linking up to the Afterschool Blog Hop!

  11. What great ideas! We have this magazine and haven't done the blubber activitiy in a while - We'll see how adventurous I'm feeling this week =) (Stopping by from Afterschool Hop)

  12. I'm going to have to look for a puzzle with lower case letters. All we have are upper case. I've started vowels with Adelle too. It never amazes me how quickly they learn! I'm going to have to try that blubber/ice activity!

    1. Cynthia, that is the only lower case puzzle I have ever seen, so I grabbed it. I found it at the Dollar Tree! :)

  13. I love that you ended with reading with Daddy! ;) The flubber activity looks wonderful...I'm sure my kids will love the ice too! Thanks so much for linking up at Teach Me Tuesday--this is wonderful!

  14. That lard demonstration is so cool. Thanks for sharing your great ideas on Monday Madness.