Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dinosaur Land Sensory Tub

This isn't really a sensory tub...just a box for imaginative play!

Dinosaur Land Sensory Tub

I was going to use our regular sensory tub but:

a.) I didn't want to use several bags of dried beans to fill it
b.)I wanted something a little different

So I opted for a cardboard box.  I put in a bag of decorative rocks, two small bowls, some large brown beads, a "landscape" set (tree, small rocks, rock ledge, water hole) and the eggs are filled with tiny dinosaurs from the dollar tree.  I also chose a few dinosaurs from our Big Tub of Dinosaurs, and after I took the picture I added a few twigs from outside to complete the box.

It's been a big hit so far!  I don't have any action shots, but the eggs have definitely been the hit of the day!  There have been a lot of "hatch little egg, hatch!" and "There's a big dinosaur trying to steal my!" scenarios going on!

For a similar idea, check out our dinosaur table, and I also shared our Dinosaur Theme activities.  


  1. Great setup for sparking their imaginations!

  2. Stopping over from it's Playtime. What a fun idea, my boys would have blast exploring this box - pinning it for future inspiration.