Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dr. Seuss Theme

We were in the midst of a our Dinosaur Theme, but Dr. Seuss is everywhere right now.  Since the boys love Seuss, I figured we can stretch the dinosaur theme out a little longer, as long as they are interested.  I'm just keeping it simple with these, because these aren't actually our "school" work, they are extras for fun.

We started with Yertle the Turtle and Other Stories, focusing on Yertle the Turtle.  We hadn't read this book before, and Elliott really enjoyed the story.  After we read the story, we played a game.  Topsy Turtle has been in our closet for awhile, but we just haven't gotten around to it.  I didn't have the camera while we played, but the kids got a kick out of it!  After a few family rounds, the boys spent another half hour playing.  I'm surprised, since the game is quite simplistic, but perhaps that's why they liked it.  It was very easy for them to play without parental guidance, and very easy for them to play as a cooperative game.

These activities are geared towards The Cat in the Hat books.  I loved this Cat in the Hat matching game from Joyfully Weary, because it takes a little more focus than a typical picture matching game.

This Cat Hundreds Chart is one of many hundreds charts at Lil' Country Kindergarten.  I have my doubts of whether or not Elliott will actually color it, but I thought I'd try it, since he's extremely interested in numbers at the moment.

This little fish puzzle has seen better days, and we haven't had it out in a long time.  It reminded me of the fish in The Cat in the Hat (except mine is smiling!) or it could go with One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish too.

The boys love scavenger hunts, so I thought we might do some ABC puzzles and an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt to go along with Dr. Seuss's ABC which is one of their favorite books right now.

These rhyming cards are from the $1 spot at Target, and rhyming easily goes along with Dr. Seuss.  There are a few different suggestions on the parent cards.  Elliott and I will probably also do some word building with word families.

You may remember that we recently acquired a large stack of Dr. Seuss books, so between these and the Seuss books we already owned, we have plenty of reading material this week!  I have a few other ideas for activities and food, but I don't want to plan a lot.  We are supposed to have fair weather again this week, and I would much rather take the kids outside for the afternoon!

You can now check out some of our Seuss Inspired Meals!


  1. Love the puzzle scavenger hunt to go along with the ABC book!

  2. Great ideas! I printed off that Cat in the Hat matching game. It proved to be a smidge of a challenge for Adelle, but she did wonderfully! We've been doing Seuss activities this week and I hope to be able to see the Lorax coming to movie theatres this weekend.

  3. Great ideas! We haven't done any Seuss ideas yet this year; I should probably get moving on it. :)

  4. Great Seuss ideas! I am going to have to print out the Cat Hundred page.

  5. I love all these activities! Will have to come back next year to get ideas for the next celebration. Pinning your post so I can find it again.

  6. some great ideas to correspond with some of my favorite books! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  7. You always have such smart ways of tying things up into a nice little bow between your boys' interests, popular themes, beloved books, and frugality. Did your boys enjoy the Dr. Seuss stuff or were they more into the dinos? This was one of the most clicked links at WOTT :) Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Sierra! I try to keep an even balance in our activities. Elliott was only mildly interested in the hat matching and colored all of 2 squares on the hundred chart, but the other activities were a hit, and both boys loved all of the books and themed meals. We're back into our Dinosaur theme this week, and it's been a hit with all of the puzzles.

  8. Thanks for sharing. I will have to check the $1 spot for the ryhming cards.

  9. Congrats! Your post was the #2 most clicked link on Homeschooling on the Cheap! last week! You are featured this week http://3boysandadog.com/deals/2012/homeschooling-on-the-cheap-03082012/. Stop over and link up something new as I just got the link up today! Have a super week, Kelli