Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A is for the Alphabet!


Originally from Ben and Me, I first saw this on Winecup Christian Academy.  I thought it would be a fun challenge for me, and I can't wait to see what other bloggers share!

Since my blog is primarily about my children and getting started with our homeschool journey, it is only natural to start with the ALPHABET!  With a two year old and a five year old in the house, there are a lot of alphabet and pre-reading activities going on!

Elliott never showed any interest in learning to write until a little boy in his Sunday School class wrote his name for him.  That was the last time he ever asked someone to write his name for him.  He still resisted at home, until I put activities into page protectors his own special notebook.
tracing the alphabet

This is an easy activity for Elliott to help Emory with, so I love to get puzzles out occasionally and have them work together.
alphabet puzzles

Scavenger hunts are fun, so we occasionally do variations of those!
Vowel Hunt

We are in the word building stage of learning to read, and I am constantly trying to come up with ways to make it fun.  This snowflake was a huge hit!
Word Family Snowflakes

I limit the computer, but when Elliott does get on it, he enjoys educational websites like Starfall, or this free trial to Reading Eggs that we used to have.
computer games

I strive to make activities hands-on and tangible.  Games like this are perfect for learning to read...
Boggle, Jr.

...or just letting the two year old explore the alphabet!

Again, hands-on "lessons" make learning more accessible, and I try to make everything fun.  You can't have an early-learners learning environment without magnetic letters!
magnetic letters

Learning the correction formation of letters is important for handwriting, but sometimes we do this fun activity to practice letters with all straight sides  (Though Elliott will spell his name, by making a "boxed" shape 'O')
letters with craft sticks

We don't do a lot of worksheets, but this notebook is a great rainy day activity.
letter hunts

Alphabet Books
Just a few of our favorites off the top of my head...


I was a little late joining in on the fun, so my "B" post will be up fairly soon after this one.  After that though, this will be a weekly post.  

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  1. there is not much more amazing than teaching a child to read.

    I love how creative you are in your approach.

    thanks for linking up with me!