Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Newport Aquarium

As part of our weekend surprise trip for the kids, we followed our field trip to the Creation Museum with a trip to the Newport Aquarium.  The kids were very excited about this, and to be honest, it was much more suitable to their interests and ages.

The worst part was the ticket/entrance line and the crowd.  Quite honestly, I have never been to an attraction, except maybe Six Flags, with that kind of wait, but I think that had to do with the special ticket pricing.  We didn't have a stroller, since they weren't allowed during the hours we visited (turns out we could have checked it with guest relations) so the wait was really hard on Emory.  Once we were in and going, though, he was fine!

The Japanese King Crabs were a big hit.

I loved how the aquarium had so many "windows" at kid-level!

I could hardly keep up with Elliott, as he was very interested to know the names of the different fish.

This beast (alligator snapping turtle) got a lot of exclamations from the kids too!

 Elliott was not interested in the snake, or snake skin.  He enjoyed the turtles.

Obviously, my kids were a little too infatuated with the glass floor.

Look Mom!

I'm not scared of this alligator!

I was a little bummed that the otters wouldn't come out to play.

Elliott was bummed that the lorikeets weren't hungry, but I was glad that the employee was honest and discouraged us from buying the nectar.  Emory said a bird landed on his head, though I was holding him and didn't see/feel anything near us!

Just observing!

Take a picture of me momma!

Watching a diver!

He saw the Moon Jelly display and it automatically reminded him of Night of the Moonjellies that they read in FIAR at co-op.  "They'll sting you!"

The Jellyfish room really was a big hit with both boys.

The sharks were hard to get pictures of, but the boys LOVED the tunnel with the fish all around and above them!

 Elliott likes Hammerhead sharks, so he loved seeing how he "measured up" to one!

I wish we could have spent more time in the Penguin Palooza area, but it was crowded.  Elliott was upset because there were no open seats, and Emory was upset because I wouldn't let him move freely among the room of strangers, so we kept moving.

On the way out, we looked at the shark tank from above, but there wasn't much to observe.

Of course you have to exit through the gift shop, so we let the boys choose one item.  Not surprisingly, since we just left the penguin exhibit, they both chose penguins.  I tried to steer Elliott away from a stuffed animal, but you can't change a 5 year old's mind.  Emory chose a bag with 5 different types of (plastic) penguins.  They reminded me of giant versions of the safari toobs. 

There was much more that I didn't get pictures of but we had a great time!  My kids seem to enjoy aquariums more than any other type of attraction, so when my husband started planning our next mini-vacation in Pigeon Forge, I was excited to find that all of the Ripley's attractions in the area offer year-round discounts to homeschoolers, and the Aquarium's discount is actually pretty phenomenal, so I'm sure we'll be visiting it!

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  1. Those little smiles at the end are just precious. Looks like a fun trip!

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I love trips to the aquarium! It looks like your boys were fascinated and enriched by the experience.

  3. Love the Jellies, we just visited the local aquarium this week too, my kids love the Jellies! :D Thanks for linking up to FTF..

  4. Aquariums are always a big hit with kids. My two love them. So glad you kids enjoyed it as well. Great pictures. Thanks for linking up to the Home school field trip hop

  5. Thanks for linking up at Thinky Linky Thursday this week! We are happy to have your ideas.
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom