Friday, February 10, 2012

Pre-K: Making Progress

Elliott is finally starting to grasp the Teacher-Student relationship.  When we first started, he really wanted to choose everything we did.  It took a little time for him to understand that school does not equal free play, and mom is in charge of the learning activities.  Once he learned that I will let him explore anything he wants freely after we are finished, he became more willing to sit through an activity.

I found this free Candy Heart Graph on Prekinders.  She also has several other printables for candy hearts, including color sorting (which I used for Emory), counting and patterning.

I told Elliott he could go ahead and eat the broken ones, because I figured he would want to sample as he went along.  Then we realized that her graph had white, but our box had blue hearts, so he placed the blue hearts on the section labeled white.  He was actually comparing them the whole time, but after he was finished, we counted each color, and used several comparison words like more, less, most, least, equal.  It was a great way to sneak in some math vocabulary as we reviewed bar graphs.

We are also Beginning Life of Fred, and I'm using the introductions from Singapore's Essential Math Kindergarten B that correspond with the concepts being taught in LOF to add some hands-on fun.

This came home in his backpack from co-op.  I was floored that he even attempted to color it.  It worked out nicely though, because we just learned about the heart in our Hear Your Heart lesson, so it was a great way to reinforce what we had just talked about last week.

We also did a science tie-in with our literature reading.  In Stuart Little and Playing with Magnets, we experimented with how to get a "ring" out of a drain without a mouse!

Elliott asked if he could make some heart decorations for the house, so we made these Martha Stuart inspired Crayon Hearts.

Make crayon shavings on wax paper...

We used lots of pinks, reds, and orange, with a little purple and yellow mixed in.  Fold wax paper over, cover with craft paper (I used an old hand towel), and melt with iron.

Suffice it to say, I ain't no Martha Stewart.  I think we used too much crayon, making them crack because they were too thick.

Then we did another read-aloud tie-in.  This time we made Homemade Valentine's Day Cards.

My Special Homemade Card ;-)
This also came home in his backpack from co-op, and it melted my heart!!

His handwriting is far from perfect, but he has never showed any interest in writing, so whatever they said to him worked, and I was so proud to see him actually write something besides his name!
(I don't know why it uploaded the picture in this orientation.  Any tips?)

Since we're still reading Stuart Little, I decided we would revisit some "mouse" themed Nursery Rhymes.  We used our trusty copy of The Real Mother Goose and looked up Three Blind Mice, since it was mentioned in Stuart Little.  He wasn't impressed.  We also read Hickory Dickory Dock, and he asked me to read something else.  He still loves The Tarts after our Queen of Hearts activity last week.

In addition to Stuart Little and The Real Mother Goose we had several other picture book read-alouds as usual.  One book specifically was one that Elliott picked out of our February Book Basket.

I Love You With All My Hearts is about the many ways a mother loves her child, but Elliott, being the literal mind that he is, did not like the title or the reference to the many hearts after we started reading it.  Every time the phrase "These were my hearts of..." appeared, he mumbled "We only have one heart." I'm not sure we'll be reading this one again.

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  1. some great books here! i'm glad that your kiddo is grasping the heirarchy of your home-schooling. my son and i do that too. (he's 3). i figure by the time i get him fully aware of it, my husband will make me send him to public kindergarten :/ thanks for stopping by the other day! i'm a new follower!

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart and week here. I loved your 1st paragraph. I think my son sometimes struggles to know that I am in charge of our preschool activities too. It looks like you guys had a great week!

  3. I love the handwriting. Looks like a great week, actually!

  4. I think the crayon hearts came out nicely. Lots of fun here in your week, and I think sometimes my 11yo still has a little trouble realizing that, while I do value her input, *I* am the teacher and must decide what we actually do!