Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tot School: Dinosaurs

Emory is 30 months old

I didn't get many pictures this week, but here are the few times I remembered the camera. 

Emory painted his car for AWANA.

He decided it needed to be a Toy Story car!  As you can tell by the soldier's head, this picture is after the car raced and endured some child-play.  The race itself was a little overwhelming for Emory, as the kids gradually get louder during each round, so we left after our boys were finished.

Then he experimented with color mixing and different paintbrushes...very fun!

Math Exploration
While brother was doing his math, I gave Emory the linking cubes for his own explorations.

He made several groups of twos!

We I tried some 1:1 correspondence with counting blocks, but he wasn't interested that day so I left it alone.  I never push anything on my boys.

Sensory and Imagination
Emory has really enjoyed playing with this Dinosaur Land "sensory tub" and it has been fun listening to him feed the dinosaurs!  The boys have played really well together with the dinosaurs this week, and watching and listening to their creative little minds is always a joy!

Play Time
Here he's playing with part of his Dinosaur Train toy while still dressed up!  He also enjoyed a few episodes of Dinosaur Train on PBS (or in our case Netflix), which is one of his favorite shows.

Food Fun...or not so much
This Dinosaur lunch was at his brother's request.  Emory doesn't eat hard-boiled eggs or tomatoes, but I always offer him everything, because he won't learn to eat new foods if he isn't exposed to them.  His brother has no problem polishing off what he won't eat.  Emory did eat his sandwich (and scraps), grapes, salad, and had some more fruit.

Field Trips
Our field trips earlier this week included a trip to the Creation Museum...Emory loved the dinosaurs, and walking under the dinosaur in front of the building was apparently very fun!

Everything at the Newport Aquarium was a big hit!  Emory was fascinated!

We had several read-alouds this week as usual, but Emory's picks came from the Autumn section of our bookshelf.

You can also check out Elliott's Year 0 (Pre-K) Weekly Wrap-Up to see what he's been learning!

Tot School


  1. I really like your sensory bin! My Super Tot would love it!

  2. Looks like another great week you put together! That lunch is too fun! (My kids won't touch hard boiled eggs...)

  3. How fun! The dinosaur sensory bin is wonderful! I have recently figured out my tot enjoys math manipulatives too! Tangrams were his choice this last week! I have heard such wonderful things about the Creation museum! Hopefully one of these days we will go!

    1. Yes, we use a lot of math manipulatives. Almost all of our learning activities are hands-on, since neither of my kids like worksheets.

  4. Dinosaurs and trains. The perfect combination for little boys. :)

    I meant to ask you what Awana is, because I've never really heard of that before.

    1. Yes, the creator of Dinosaur Train is a genius in Emory's eyes! :-)

      AWANA is a church program for children. They have a few 'fun' activities throughout the year, including the Grand Prix race. My boys are in the two youngest classes, though both of them are moving up next year. It's changed a lot since I was in it as a child though, so I'm not sure what the older classes are like anymore.