Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tot School: Not a "toddler" much longer!

Emory is 30 months old.

I can't believe in just six short months my baby boy will be three years old!  He is a funny, sweet, stubborn strong-willed, happy, intelligent little boy that lights up my life!  I love listening to his imaginative play, his conversations with his brother, and answering his interesting questions--such as "Does Jesus like clouds?"  I'm watching my toddler turn into a little boy right before my eyes!

I didn't get many pictures this week, but we had a good one, nonetheless!

We had another round of no-nap issues due to co-op Monday, and I am seriously considering a babysitter for our co-op meetings until he gives up his afternoon nap.

Color Sorting and Counting
I found this Candy Heart Color Sorting activity on PreKinders.  I can't say whether or not he started out with any green hearts--it is very possible that he ate them, because I did tell the boys they could go ahead and eat the broken hearts when we started.

I also didn't realize until we started that we had blue hearts instead of white hearts, and he kept looking for a large blue heart.  He finally understood to put the blue hearts in the white spot.  When we were through, we counted them, but he preferred to slide them across the table.

Art and Scissor Skills
Emory is just now starting to show an interest in scissors.  He doesn't want my help, though.  He will put his fingers and thumb in the correct places, but refuses to hold his hand correctly.  He only wants to hold his hand sideways, so he can't do anything more than snip (or rip) the paper.  Any suggestions?

He also didn't want to make a "card" but he did want to play with stickers.  The younger groups made hats in art class at co-op, but Emory showed no interest in participating, so she sent the materials home.  He still didn't want to make a hat, but he put some stickers on one piece of red paper.

Peeling stickers...

Hmm...he only wanted to decorate one side.  ;-)

Snack Time
We had a great Humpty Dumpty Lunch as a little nursery rhyme tie-in.

We had our magnetic Alphabet/Number/Shape set out, and he loved naming the shapes and colors for me.

Brother Time
Watching the Snow was my Moments to Remember post this week!

Play Time
I finally gave Elliott a large tub of Lego blocks, and Emory absolutely loved the Lego People!  The one he is pointing to is covered up taking a nap.

Book Time

This sweet little book is becoming a new favorite for Emory.  We've read it almost every night for two weeks now.

This is another book that Emory has requested frequently over the last couple of weeks.  It's a very short, sweet and predictable story about how to hide a strawberry from a big hungry bear!

I put this one in our February Book Basket so we could read about how parents love all of our children, but Emory was most interested in talking about the bears, their size, their colors and their facial expressions.

We read this on the night it snowed.  What boy doesn't love a good book about a tractor!?

This has always been thorougly enjoyed by Emory, but it's becoming one of those 'several times a week' reads, much like our formerly beloved Big Red Barn.

Tot School

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  1. Love the books you read update! LOVE the Gandi quote, I agree ;) Newest follower!

  2. Looks like an awesome week!!! I introduced scissors to my almost 3 yr old this week too. And he too didn't want my help. He too put the fingers in the right places, but didn't want to hold the paper either. Thanks for sharing your week with us!

  3. They grow up so fast. Looks like a fun week of activities. Lots of great books too.

  4. So true about how fast they grow my baby boy just turned three in January. There is very little that is baby about him now :( Love the lego people and the fact that the lego man can have a nap-lol

  5. My guy will be four in a few weeks. I can't believe he is that old.

  6. They grow up so fast!Enjoyed reading about your week and the books.Thanks for linking up.