Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tot School

Emory is 29.5 months old.

His vocabulary is soaring, and his imagination delights me!

Letter Recognition
He is "Playing Letters" with the tiles from UpWords.  He just enjoys showing me and Elliott the letters and having us name them.

Nursery Rhymes and Snacks

Queen of Hearts
Peter Piper

Emory is very unofficially in Year 0 with his brother--he mostly tags along when he feels like it--but he loves most of the readings, especially The Real Mother Goose.  In my post Queen of Hearts, I talked about my plans for The Queen of Hearts and these Heart Tarts, but I will also say that Emory absolutely loved when I read Peter Piper.  He giggled the entire time, and every time I recited it after that!

Playing with new paint brushes and experimenting with color mixing.

Hear Your Heart
He did not want to partake in Elliott's Hear Your Heart science lesson...

...but he did enjoy playing Vet Clinic.

Since his big brother was using a Geoboard, he was interested too.  Except he didn't want me to show him how to use it...instead he "made circles!"

Emory and I also played with his Lauri Toys Tall-Stacker Pegs.  I offered him the pegboard with one color in each row, thinking he would automatically line the rest of the pegs up by color.  Instead he took them out and arranged them differently.

Then he started stacking them by color on his own.  Go figure.  I found Woody's missing hat under the couch after I took this picture!  :-)

Outdoor Play
We had a couple of nice days, and we took advantage of it...forget school, we love our play clothes and outdoor time!
a stick, momma!
There's a hole in this stick.

Indoor Play
Brother wanted to play the game Cootie, and Emory decided he was going to walk like a cootie bug!

Enjoying some cars and trucks.

"Can you see my eyes?  Can you see my mouth?"

Book Time

Some of Emory's favorite books this week:

This is not mine or daddy's favorite to read out loud, but he enjoys it, and can "read" several of the pages to us already.

This one is tolerable.

This is a modern version of The Lion and the Mouse.  It is a great story about sharing and friendship.

All the wild animals are cuddling up for a good night's sleep.  A great bedtime read!

Tot School

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  1. It's cute how he made circles on the geoboard. Probably helps to have big brother to watch and model after.

    Liam loves walking around in that same position (the cootie picture) a lot too. When he has energy to burn he starts scuttling around on his hands and feet like that.

  2. Looks like an awesome week! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just stopping by. You have a lot of great ideas!