Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Lunches and Snack

Yesterday we had a quick, unplanned Valentine's lunch.  Heart-shaped sandwich, vanilla yogurt with Valentine's sprinkles, strawberries, grapes, nectarines, and a heart marshmallow.

Both boys enjoyed it, and surprisingly, neither went for the marshmallow first.  Emory went for the sandwich (eating the inside), and Elliott went for the strawberries.  Emory ate his grapes and strawberries, and some of the yogurt and left the marshmallow.  Elliott ate his entire plate and polished off his brother's yogurt, marshmallow and nectarines.

Today they wanted another Valentine's lunch "just like we had yesterday", and I had been wanting to try this bread painting activity from Mess for Less for awhile, so I thought it would a good time to try it.

I cut the bread into hearts and gave the boys the colored milk to "paint" their own sandwich.  They were NOT interested.  Emory started eating his bread, and Elliott halfheartedly attempted his before asking if I would finish it.

After the failed attempt at painting their own lunch, I toasted the bread for a little bit, then made their sandwiches.  I also included strawberry yogurt with heart sprinkles, strawberries, blueberries/grapes, another heart marshmallow and heart-shaped gummies around the plate.

Emory picked apart his sandwich again (apparently he has decided he only likes bread on a sandwich if it is PB&J), then ate the fruit.  He didn't touch his marshmallow again today.  Elliott ate everything, and again finished off his brother's yogurt and marshmallow.

Elliott often has a snack while Emory is taking a nap, so for a Valentine's snack I used one of our heart-shaped ice cube trays and filled it with bite size goodies.  If you can't tell from their sweet additions to their lunches, between co-op, AWANA, Sunday School and their grandmother, they've come home with a lot of sweets recently.  I let them have some of it (what hubby doesn't eat he often takes some to work to pass out), but I like to mix it in with their regular snacks.  They don't eat as much of the sweets this way.

Miniature Oreo, goldfish, grapes, blueberries, miniature M&Ms, marshmallow heart, nectarine (I ate the rest), raisins, a second mini Oreo, a strawberry, "hexagon" crackers (oyster crackers) and ranch for his carrots and celery.  He went for the veggies first, and ate everything!

I'm not a kitchen diva, but I'm trying to put a little more effort into their meals and snacks to make it special for them.  Elliott giggled when I brought him the snack tray, and said he loved it!

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  1. Great ideas! I love the way you used the heart shaped ice cube tray for snacks! I too am loving that heart shaped ice cube tray that I got at Target. I've used it for ice cubes for an ice sensory activity, sorting for a sensory bin, and tonight for red jello. :) Love it!