Friday, February 24, 2012

Year 0 Weekly Wrap-Up

When I started writing this post, I was aware that we didn't do a lot of "lessons" this week.  Sometimes I feel like I'm doing my children a disservice because we don't do workbooks or use a packaged curriculum and we don't really do formal lessons yet.  Then when I write these wrap-ups, and I see what we really do, reality smacks me in the face.  I'm doing them a favor!  My children are getting the chance to be children, and are learning in the process.  There's time for lessons later.  Homeschooling allows us to take three-day weekends for fun field trips, or to drop everything and spend the day outside enjoying nature!

Field Trip 1
I mentioned in last week's weekly round-up that we were preparing for a weekend trip.  First we went to the Creation Museum to kick off Elliott's request to do a dinosaur theme as his extra.

His favorite part ended up being the petting zoo!  He couldn't get over the Zedonk!

Field Trip 2
Then we went to the Newport Aquarium for some more fun!

I want to try something new with our Bible studies each week.  I would like to read Bible stories in story form first, then read it from the Bible.  (Then, if we happen to have related picture books, I might set those out during the week too).  However, I didn't like the former storybook we were using.  After doing some research, I settled on Egermeier's Bible Story Book.  It has good reviews and I am hoping it works for us.  We started it this week, and starting with Creation was fitting after our field trip.

It was a co-op week, which meant we didn't do anything at home that day, but he made a dinosaur in art, participated in a hands-on lesson to learn about flooding in science, learned about tubas in music and listened to Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey (one of his favorites) in Five in a Row before finger painting!

Dinosaur Land
I made up a quick little Dinosaur Land for the boys.  Usually it is little brother that enjoys the sensory tubs more, but this box really fueled Elliott's imagination and I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to him play with it!

We did a few more pictures from I Spy Colors in Art one day (he said Maya with a Doll by Pablo Picasso was weird), and another day we did some free painting!
color mixing
final product

We had several variations of this power ranger (i.e. one in every color) so we put them together and wrote our own book!
the red ranger

Elliott is apparently interested in addition right now - I often hear him spouting off random addition facts as he's playing or walking around the house - so I've decided that's definitely our focus right now.

One day I asked him to put some numeral cards in order...

...then to place the correct number of blocks on each card.

After that I just asked him some basic questions like "What is one more than 4?" or "What is two less than 7?" and sometimes I phrased it as an equation.  If he couldn't think of it immediately, we could do concrete examples by adding or removing blocks.

I want to try these for next week!

                               Source: via Brittney on Pinterest

Our copy of Big Backyard Magazine came early this week, and we read through the entire issue in one sitting.  He really enjoys getting his own special mail!
cover of march 2012 issue of big backyard

I don't have pictures of our outdoor play and nature study because sometimes the camera just gets left behind, but we had some mild February weather, and it was worth it to just drop everything and head outside for the afternoon!

Food Fun
Elliott wanted a dinosaur lunch one day.  This is what they got instead.  haha!  I couldn't find our dinosaur sandwich cutter, but he decided the flamingo cookie cutter looked like a Velociraptor.  I think it just destroyed the sandwich (but they did eat the "scraps").  There was a little bit of salad left, so they got a dinosaur egg on a nest of salad, with some fruit and tomatoes.  I thought about adding some goldfish crackers  for meat eating dinosaurs, but I forgot--hence the empty spot on the plate.

We read a few more nursery rhymes from The Real Mother Goose, and you can also take A Peek at Our Bookshelf for some of our President's Day (and other) readings this week!

The boys also raced their cars in AWANA this week.  I forgot to take my camera to church, but Elliott made a Superman car!

I'm so thankful for this opportunity to homeschool and watch the boys learn in a different way!


  1. The Creation Museum sounds like an exciting field trip. We have been thinking of going, it is about a 3-4 hour drive for us.

    1. That's about how long it takes us...which is why we decided to just spring for the weekend trip. It made the travel a little easier on my carsick prone toddler.

  2. You make the best themed meals. So creative!

  3. P.S. I completely agree that you are doing the best thing for them. Hands on learning is much more fun!

  4. Yeah, I would totally call this "school", and great school, at that!

  5. Love the dinosaur meal too, that flamingo definitely looked like a Velociraptor. LOL!

    I wanted to let you know I included you in my One Lovely Blog award list. I know Sierra gave it to you at the same time she gave it to me, but your blog is one I read practically everyday, so I couldn't not include you on my list. Don't expect you to blog about it twice or anything. :)

    1. Jenny, thank you for your kind words and thank you for passing the award on to me! I'm touched! :)