Thursday, March 1, 2012

B is for...

There are a few things in my life that start with B, so here we go...

B is for Brittney.  I'm a Christian, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and homeschooling mom that loves offering new experiences to my children.  So says the condensed version anyway.  I rarely share pictures of myself on here, but in an effort to be more personal...
Sept. 2011
December 2011
Sept. 2010

B is for Boys.  There are two special little boys in my life, and as you can imagine, a life with boys is never dull!
Woody and Rex
Who me?
Wild boys!
"I am a robot"

B is for Books.  I am a lover of books.  I love reading and I love reading aloud to my children.  I love buying children's books, especially at bargain prices.
books passed down from cousins...score!
Book Baskets for our "extra" study
school/playroom bookshelf
bedroom bookshelf
Those are the kids' bookshelves.  Of course, they don't actually look like this anymore {they actually look better now!} because I'm constantly rearranging them as we add to our collections, but I was too lazy to take new pictures.  When I have my dream home, we'll have a dedicated school room and wall-to-wall bookshelves.  Yes, we will.

B is for Bailey.  The {newest} lovable pooch in the family!
10 weeks old
first snow
55 pounds and still growing

Join us next week for letter 'C' as we blog through the alphabet!


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  1. love the pictures. your boys are adorable (and so are you!).

  2. Little Emory looks so much like you!

    Ya'll do have a lot of books! We have no where near that many, but thankfully the library is right around the corner, and we try to go weekly.

    1. Jenny, growing up I was always told "you're the spitting image of your dad" and Emory looks like me because he looks like my dad! Their baby pictures are sooo similar!

      When I said I like buying children's books, I should have said I have an obsession! Part of that is because our library is a good 20 minutes away, and I haven't mastered the art of the library with a wild toddler. I am always browsing thrift stores and clearance aisles for bargain books...I rarely buy full price!

    2. I know what you mean about toddlers and the library. Liam and I have had to leave a couple of times, when he's thrown a tantrum over not being able to run around at will. One time the librarian actually came over and asked me what was going on. I was beyond mortified.

    3. Oh no! I laughed a little, but I understand! The last time we went, Emory took his shoes off and jumped into some type of "ball pit" that was clearly for decorative purposes and not to play in!

  3. What a precious post! Thanks for sharing more of you with us! I too love books and my boys' bookshelves look very similar and I too like Jenny have a library right around the corner that I use way too often. But I do love me some good books! Thanks Brittney for sharing your heart!

    1. If my library were just a few minutes away, I would be there more often. We live in a rural area though, so I have to plan on an actual outing when I go anywhere with the kids, LOL! I make up for the loss of library time by browsing the thrift stores and library sales on the weekends when the husband is home with them.