Thursday, March 8, 2012

C is for the Country

I grew up in a quiet suburban neighborhood.  I lived in Atlanta as a teenager.  So when I got married and moved to the was...different.  Just for reference, I live on family property, adjacent to my in-law's farm, so if I ever refer to "the farm" I don't actually mean that I  farm.  I am actually referring to where my husband grew up!  ;-)

I wasn't the type that said my kids were never going to roll in the mud...but when it came down to it, I used to panic a little when Elliott was a toddler and would dig in the potted plants on my dad's back porch.  I cringed as I cleaned dirt out of every crack and crevice (inside and outside his diaper) during his bath that night.

I think I have relaxed a little since then.  Take this conversation last week with Emory:

Me:  *as Emory throws down a blob of something* Emory, was that poo?
Emory:  Yeah
Me:  Don't pick up poo
Emory:  Yeah, it was POO!
Emory's Aunt:  Well don't lick your fingers until you wash your hands.
Emory:  It was duck poo.
Me:  It was duck poo?
Emory:  Yeah, not chicken poo.  It was duck poo.

I didn't wonder how my 2.5 year old knew the difference between chicken and duck poo, nor did I flinch or freak out or rush him inside to sanitize him.

Yes, I'd say I've relaxed a lot!

I suppose a child can play with bird poo anywhere, but there are experiences you really can't have anywhere else.  My boys were already in bed, but last night I watched my first animal birth.  I never thought I would care to watch something like that, but it was a very interesting experience.  It was also very precious to watch the kid try to stand up on his tiny little legs!



  1. I dream of county life. But I don't think it's gonna happen with my city fella.

    Still, duck poo. . . ewwww. I might have freaked out a little.

    1. Don't get me wrong, I was grossed out...but I was later shocked that I didn't scream, grab him football style and make a beeline for the bath tub, gagging the whole time. :)

      Of course, if it had been 6 months ago when he still "mouthed" everything, it might have been a different story, LOL!

  2. I love it!!! Especially that he can tell the difference - really makes you wonder how closely he's studied, doesn't it?!

    I grew up half in the country and half in the suburbs. Both have advantages but we're working on getting to living in the country full time. You are super lucky!

    1. We were out trick-or-treating last year and a little boy was holding a chicken and Emory walked right up and start chatting with the boy...the boy's mom was shocked that he wasn't scared like all the other kids. However, his favorite activity for the last year has been to watch the chickens and chase the I shouldn't be surprised that he can tell the difference, LOL!

      I, on the other hand, am still adjusting, but my boys don't know anything different, and I really am glad they get this opportunity!

  3. So funny that he knew the difference!

    My DH and I both grew up as city kids, but we have lived in the country for the majority of our married life and I sometimes wonder how I could stand the city. LOL

  4. Yesterday when I picked up milk I got to see twin calves stand for the first time! I love the country too.