Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Peek at our Bookshelf: Animals

We started out the week looking at frogs in a mud-hole near the house, so our bedtime readings started with frogs too.  Our book basket was also changed out to include Easter and Spring themed topics as well.

I couldn't find a book dedicated to frogs (or amphibians) on our  bookshelf, so we read about frogs in My First Book of Animals, which is a favorite for just learning tidbits here and there.

These are just a few of the books we've read this week.

It's Mine! by Leo Lionni is about 3 little frogs who don't like to share, and is very fitting for two little boys I know that sometimes get "mine" syndrome.

I've shared Frog Medicine by Mark Teague before.  It's one of those books I bought with hesitation, but for some reason the boys love it.  There certainly is something fascinating about watching a boy turn Froggy!

Fast Frog (Help Your Child to Read) was passed down to us.  It's a short and simple reader, which makes it a good bedtime book.

Are You a Grasshopper? is a great informational book about grasshoppers, their life-cycle, physical characteristics, predators, and other bits of information.  Elliott really enjoyed it.  A nice living science book.  Are you a grasshopper?

Duck at the Door by Jackie Urbanovic is about a houseful of animals, and how a lost duck upsets the balance of the household.  What happens when his flock returns?  It's nothing spectacular, but the boys enjoy the books in the series that we own.

Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer is a cute board book about a caterpillar who wants to fly with all of his friends.  The book has a springy caterpillar body, which makes it a fun book for toddlers.

Everyone knows The Very Hungry Caterpillar so what can I say that you don't already know.  It's been enjoyed in our house since day one.

I'm ashamed to say that I've never read any Beatrix Potter stories before now.  As I started researching children's literature, her stories are highly recommended, so I finally added The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit to our book basket.  There were four rabbits born on the grandparent's farm, so it was very timely!  We read The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Elliott thoroughly enjoyed it!  We'll be finishing this book up with another story each night.

Look for a Bird is an older science reader that we found in a box of books someone sent over for our yard sale.  I like it because the text is simple and short, so it just describes the basic characteristics of a bird, which means it's not really outdated.  Emory really likes birds, and he is the one that picked this book out.  We are reading a few birds each night so the boys can start looking for them on our nature walks.

The Story About Ping is another one of those books I had my eye on, and finally found a used copy for $0.50, which I snatched up!  We read this one night when Emory fell asleep early, so Elliott couldn't get to the books to choose his own, so I chose this one.  He didn't want to at first, but eventually settled in and really enjoyed it.  Ping is a little duck who hides so he doesn't get spanked for being the last duck to board the boat at the end of the day, and the adventures that takes him on.

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  1. Great selections--some classics and some newer ones. I am going to add It's Mine and Are You a Grasshopper to my list. Thanks.

  2. Have you seen Nic Bishop's photography? WOW!
    He has a frog book that we enjoyed. Vivian French's Growing Frogs is excellent, too. Byou have some fantastic-looking books already!

  3. A lot of great books on your list. We really enjoyed a few books from Are You A... series. Duck at the Door and its sequels were popular too. Thanks for joining WMCIR!