Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainbow Lunch Week: Green

It was our original St. Patrick's Day Lunch that inspired eating through the rainbow (rainbow lunches) and today was Green Day.

I was going to make salads, but I forgot to replenish the ranch dressing, and if I know Elliott, he wouldn't eat a salad without ranch, so I went in a different direction.  I thought I'd offer some semi-new foods and hope that the "theme" would entice them.

I was wrong.  I have to admit that this lunch was NOT well received.

Half an egg roll, a pickle, green apples, green grapes and grilled zucchini.  They liked the fruit.  Even the dog wouldn't eat the pickle after she swiped it.  ha!

Tomorrow is blue/indigo/violet day combined into one day, and I have something a little more traditional planned, so it should go over well.  Friday is our finale with a "rainbow" theme.


  1. I love this one too! Thanks for sharing honestly with us that it was not received well, some days that happens. :) Funny thing is, my son would have gobbled the pickle up! He LOVES pickles these days!

  2. I love that you are honest about it. I want some grilled zucchini, crazy boys. ;)