Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rainbow Lunch Week: Orange & Yellow

Continuing with our rainbow lunches in celebration of St. Patrick's Day, yesterday was Orange & Yellow Day!

grilled chicken
mandarin oranges
macaroni & cheese
carrots with ranch

I don't like mac & cheese but the husband buys it and lately I've heard "We haven't had macaroni in a loooong time!"

I forgot to make lemonade (which would have also been a special treat and much loved by Elliott), but I offered apple juice and it was turned down for milk and water.

Ignore the scratched plate.  It's certainly seen better days, but it was the only orange dish we had.

For a special after-lunch snack they had frozen bananas, dipped in chocolate with orange and yellow sprinkles.

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  1. Hi Brittney! I am loving all of your color themed lunches this week! This one would have been loved at my house as my boys love everything on that plate! In fact all of those items, including the ranch are stables here! I am loving all of the St Patty and rainbow themes and ideas this week. I am a little off as it is Spring Break for my hubby and we are having a different kind of week, which I will blog about. :) Thanks for sharing!