Friday, March 16, 2012

Rainbow Lunch Week: Rainbows

Our daily rainbow lunches have been fun, even if not thoroughly loved by both boys at all times.  Each day was a different color (or colors) and we ended today with a rainbow lunch.

It's not pretty, but it was fun, and a huge hit!  They had their funky, colorful striped plates.  Tacos don't remind me of the rainbow, but they do have yellow cheese, green lettuce, red tomatoes...and for some reason these taco kits are always a big hit in our house.  A fruit "skewer" (I used lollipop sticks which is why it is so short) and a pack of fruity gummy snacks.

Later for a snack we had Rainbow Candy Cookies.  They are just prepackaged cookies that my husband ordered from one of those school fundraisers, because he just couldn't resist filling our freezer with junk.  However, I suppose I like that I can take out just a few at a time, instead of having to bake an entire batch.  If I only bake enough for their dessert, I'm not tempted!

I'm not great at presentation and plating (or photography), but this rainbow breakfast was a HUGE hit!  This was by far the favorite themed meal this week.

Inspiration:  Lucky Rainbow Breakfast @ Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons

I didn't color the pancake batter with cocoa like she did, and I used a cauldron cookie cutter from a Halloween set to cut out the pot.  Scrambled eggs for the gold.  Strawberries, mandarin oranges, bananas, grapes and blackberries for the rainbow, and a huge surprise was marshmallows for the cloud.

Emory looked right at the plate and said "I not eat THOSE" and pointed to the mandarin oranges.  He has recently refused to eat them (he will still eat freshly peeled oranges) and then proceeded to to tell me he was not eating the blackberries either.  Otherwise though, it was loved, and more fruit was requested by both boys.

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  1. A rainbow week sounds like fun! I might have to do that with little man. :)

    Creative and Curious Kids!

  2. I love the idea of rainbow week. We made rainbow cupcakes on Saturday, we should have make those cute fruit kabobs as well.